Laguna Beach Babes~

Massie Block~ 

FC: Tiffany Maher

Future Use- Audrey Case and Coco Ho

Alpha from Westchester, No longer NGOTB (New Girl On The Beach)….. You’re on my blawg!

Carlie~ Blonde Alpha from Laguna Beach

 Talen~ Brunette Beta from Laguna Beach.




Brunette from Laguna Beach



FC: Ashley Benson

Blonde from Laguna Beach

 Lauren~ Blonde from Laguna Beach


25 thoughts on “Laguna Beach Babes~

  1. Can I be your need Kristen? I love sports mainly tennis and soccer. I play volleyball and run track. I’m not as rich as Massie but I’m more of a higher end top middle class girl.I dont have a blog yet but if you want me to I’ll make one ASAP. I am an all A student and have been since kindergarden. I promise you we will never fight. So…. Want are you wanting for I think you have found your new Kristen you can e-mail me at If I dont answer with in a day chat me on this page. Write back soon!
    Love Ya,LOL>3MassieJK>3

  2. 1.) character name & faceclaim
    Alicia Rivera. Selena Gomez
    2.) character’s story & email
    Alicia is the beta of the Pretty Committee in the clique books. She is known for her ah-mazing comebacks, sassy attitude, and ear for gossip. She is part of the famous duo called 20 including herself and Olivia Ryan. Because they are both beautiful 10s. She dances like she was born in the dance studio and is in a currnet relationship with Josh Hotz.
    3.) are you able to post bi-weekly at the best?
    4.) Email me!


  3. Hola chica!
    I emailed your Stella about this, but me and her agreed that she would change her face claim from Nina Dobrev to someone else, since I claimed Nina Dobrev to be all my own as she is an original. She already changed it, so could you please change it on this page? Thanks!

    xoxo, Leesh

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