Peeling Of A Sunburn…

Hey Beach-Wanders,

Currently, I’m listening to Here Comes The Sun by: The Beatles while typing the finishing touches to this post. Talen is handwriting her English paper on the topic of Inspiration, while Carlie is petting Bean. Jackie just got back from running on a Mocha run for the Laguna Beach Babes. Lauren is painting her nails a teal color with a silver accent nail. And, Stella has busied herself by texting someone. I’m wearing Stella McCartney high-waisted shorts in black with a crocheted Aztec print on half along with a teal crop top. Some things have happened & now its time for a major update…


March 31, 2013

My Room

Laguna Beach, California

3:30 pm

I finish typing the last word of my AP Literature essay on American Writers. As I get up to sit on my bed, my iPhone 5 starts to sing, With Ur Love by: Cher Lloyd, stating that Tegan is calling.

“Hey Sweetheart.” I say before he has a chance to say anything. “Hey Hon, What are you up to?” He questions me immediately. “Not much, finished the AP Lit Essay.” I responded. “Good. That means you’re free to hang out right?” “Yeah babe.” “Let’s have a relaxing day at the pool.” “Great, give me 25 minutes before you head over here to get me.” I say before hanging up.

I rush over to my closet to find my favorite bathing suit. I apply some waterproof makeup before grabbing a pair of sandals. I pull on my shorts as Tegan pulls into the driveway.



I got out of the hunter green Jeep with Tegan by my side. I laughed at something he said while we walked in the pool area. There was splashing water, wet spots everywhere, swim toys skewing towels. I smiled at the comforting thought of the Indoor Pool in Westchester, NY.

We frolicked in the pool for hours. Afterwards, we got out and dried off. He took me home right after because it was still getting late. But, even though it was break and we didn’t have a curfew, he didn’t want to astir any problems with my parents.



April 1, 2013

My Room

I woke up to Locked Out Of Heaven by: Bruno Mars singing from my iPhone 5. I look at the time on my phone and it reads 12:20 pm. I roll over and try to go back so sleep but, I keep getting phone calls. I groan in agony because its Spring Break and I actually wanted to get some sleep.

Carlie: Meet @ *$’s. 1:45.

 I get in the shower and get ready to go meet Carlie at Starbucks.



I walk into the Starbucks on East Street. I order a Mocha Frap before spotting Carlie sitting alone furiously texting someone with her Carmel Macchito untouched. I cling to my cup wondering what could possibly be so serious that causes Carlie to want to meet with me alone.

“Hey Car.” I say before sitting in the adjacent seat to her. “Massie.” She says before scooting over. “We have to talk.” She said as soon as my butt came into contact with soft cushion of the booth. “About?” I prompted. “You and the LBB.” She says.

“Meaning?” “You’ve been hanging out with us for a while. You’ve had a status of being a new girl on the beach. Given how long you’ve been here. It’s about time that you have your initiation.” I look at her with a stone cold face. “As in hazing like sororities do?” I squeak out. “No, no. Just simple tasks that you have to complete.” “O-oh.” I stutter. “Yeah, here’s task.” She  says handing me a piece of paper.

PLAN A PARTY it read.  

“So, i have to plan a party?” I ask. “Yes, darling. A party. You can only ask for help from the LBB 3 times per girl.” Carlie says with a smile. “Remember simple and carefree. Please don’t do a beach bonfire, its overused.” She continued. I don’t answer. “Massie, you in there?” She asks waving her hand in front of my face. “Yeah, I’m here. Just planning.” I say with a smile.



April 2, 2013

Outside Deck and Pool

I quickly dial Kristen’s number. “Hi Mass. No talk for too long?” Kristen says with a lot of background noise. “You could say that.” “Yep, so what do you need?” “Help. The LBB has this initiation task thing for me to become a LBB and I have to plan a party. Something carefree not elegant. “ I say quickly. “Easy. Just do an Indie Beach theme. Simplistic and easy enough.” “Okay, thank you.” I say “No problem.” Emg. This party is so fun! I hear Alicia scream before Kristen hangs up.


My Office

I sit at my desk chair staring intently at the progress I have made. I set a date, time; reserved the East half of the beach, reserved 12 boats, 12 jet ski’s. I hired the hottest DJ in all of Laguna Beach. Needless to say, I accomplished a lot.

Talen. popped across my screen. I quickly answered and put her on speaker. “Hi.” “Hey.” I said nibbling on my bottom lip, nervously pacing. “How’s planning coming?” She asked curiously. “Great.” I quipped. “Good. Want to run any of the ideas by me?” “Is that allowed?” “Yeah…” “Where shall we meet?” “How about Corner 24 Surf Shop since I’m at work? “Cool.” “See ya.” She said before hanging up.


Corner 24 Surf Shop

I pulled up to the surf shop in my pink Jeep spotting Talen’s Grey Mustang about 2 cars down. I got out and headed toward her car grasping my pink Roxy tote and iPhone5. In the tote, my plans for the party were written in light blue ink. “Hi babe.” Talen said greeting me right as I walked across the street. We walked toward a bench to sit down at to begin discussing.

“Great ideas.” Talen responded after I explained everything. “Thank you.” I said with a smile. “No problem.”



April 3, 2013

Indoor Deck & Pool

I busy myself with detailed plans for the party. I call Lauren for help on a title of the party. “Hey Laur.” I say finishing typing the last bullet. “Aloha Massie.” Lauren says giggling. “I need some help.” “With?” She prompted in all seriousness. “Theme for the party name.” I say. I continue explaining the theme to her. “Dreamers at the beach?” She says more of a question. “Perfect!” I exclaim. “Bye Laur.” I say while hanging up.


Caroline’s Invites & All Things Decor

“Hello. Welcome to Caroline’s Invites and All Things Decor. How may I help you?” Kellen, a sales clerk says. “Yes, is Caroline in?” I ask promptly asking for the owner. “Yes. I’ll phone her for you.”

“So, what do you need today?” Caroline asks as she comes from her office. “Some invites and decor for a Dreamcatchers or Indie theme Beach Party.” I state. “Well, you came to the right place.”

She gives loads of advice and decor options. I pick what I like and she promises it’ll be ready for the party on Friday. I grin in delight and will post you the invites that I get to hand out with the help of Tegan and Tegan’s friends.







 Tegan’s House

“Here are your invites.” I say handing him about 300 invites. “Pass them among your friends and give them a good amount to pass around. Put them in people’s lockers or car dashes.” I tell him. “I understand Massie. I’ll do it right.” He says smiling right before kissing me. “Get a room!” I hear Lauren yell from the car. I stick my tongue out and return his kiss.



April 5, 2o13

Eastern Half Laguna Cove

“Hustle!” Caroline shouts across the beach by the water to the men carrying the decor. Tegan and some of his friends are gathered around me to see my vision of the party. “It’s going to great.” Tegan reassures me another time. “Thanks for being here.” I say smiling. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” He mumbles.

It was a beautiful day out for a party. There were surf boards to use, in case you left your own, resting against the rocks by the water. There were tables of assorted beach snacks from chips to soda to water. The tables were decored with dreamcatchers and seashells. There were stacks of towels for anyone who may need one. The DJ was stationed in the center with a dance area. Further down were two places each to play flag football, soccer, and volleyball courts. There were jetskis and boats at the deck by the surfboards. There were paint and silly string stations. With the paint, there were games designed for it. Some bathing suits were free if you sanded or painted your other one and some beach balls were wandering. There were tiki torches stationed around along with little fires. Logs were placed about along with lawn chairs. Dreamcatchers were all around.


The beach filled in quickly and people seemed to be having fun. At night, fireworks were put off. Everyone stopped and watched and were in awe. During the last round, each person was given a sparkler and photos were snapped. I hoped this party made history…


Carlie’s Room

All the Laguna Beach Babes and I were gathered around Carlie’s room after the party. A bowl was passed around where each girl put their answer to yes or no.

“Massie, you did an amazing  job in planning your party and certainly making it a night to remember. Were you successful in making us content?” Carlie said ending with a question. Talen and Carlie counted the votes. “You had 0 no’s and all yes’s!” Talen shouted. “But, there’s still one vote left. Mine.” Carlie said. “I vote….


“Thank-you so much.” I said. “You’re peeling off the status of a New Girl On The Beach. That’s the past. This is the future.” Stella said with a smile.

Yes, I finally can move on, I thought.The Laguna Beach Babes had a smile that glowed toward me.


Sun Kissed Kisses,



Surf & Sand-

1.) I hope you like this long a waiting post. Finally, I’m not a NGOTB.

2.) I’m looking for a Carlie, Talen, Lauren, and a Jackie (or my Jackie to be more active)!

3.) Can’t wait for more comments!


13 thoughts on “Peeling Of A Sunburn…

  1. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Sounds like you have been busy.
    The pool meet with Tegan sounds fun, how considerate of him not wanting to cause problems with your parents.
    Carlie beginning the initiation with you planning a party is a piece of cake. Not to mention a ton of fun. Especially since you planned every last detail in order to impress the girls which you were guaranteed to do.
    Congratulations on making it into the Laguna Beach Babes!
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂
    P.S: New Post

    • Natalie,

      Thanks for the comment. I’ve been staying busy but more posts are to come. Hanging at the pool was amazing with Tegan. He is so sweet! I know right, planning is easy. I’m excited to be in the LBB’s.

      Sun-Kissed Kisses,


  2. M,
    Wonderful post!
    The party definitely sounds successful. I loved that you called it a “dreamcatcher” party; that was so cute and original.
    Congratulations on your acceptance into the LBB! You obviously deserved it after all that work for the party.
    Tegan sounds like such a sweetheart. 🙂

    New post 🙂

    • Lauren,

      I’ll be sure to check out your latest. The party was successful. Thanks. A lil’ help and dreams made that theme(: Thanks so much. I’m excited to be in the LBB! Tegan is such a sweetheart(:

      Sun-Kissed Kisses,


  3. Massie,
    Sounds like the party was an absolute hit! You really put in a lot of effort, and all the effort paid off in the end! It also sounds like you and Tegan are so presh together! Great job, keep it up!

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