He Could Be The One

Hey Beach-Wanders,

Currently, I’m combing my wavy locks back into a high pony. My outfit consists of studded light-wash high-waisted shorts by Fox Riders with a white all lace deep-v back tank top by Roxy. My nails are painted  Black Rouge by: OPI. I type this post from my window seat overlooking the beach. This post is about my first week in Laguna Beach!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

A Kiss for You(:


February 9, 2013

My Room

Laguna Beach, California

11:00 am

I rolled over looking through my window. I can’t get used to the Californian Sunshine streaming through my shades. I wake up and grab my iPhone 5. I clicked on the Messages tab and skim my messages.

Tegan – Hey babe. Can’t stop thinking about you… Will you be at Alec’s Bonfire tonight?

xxx Tegan

Talen- Time to PAR-TAYYY Again! Be ready by 1:30 & meet us @ the beach. We’re shoppin’! Then, Alec’s Bonfire!!! (:


Chelsea- Cannot believe its been a week since you left…! Hope CA is treatn’ you well… Kissessss from Westchester!

I respond quickly to the messages. I look at the clock and decide to hop into the shower.

Once I’m out, I go downstairs in my robe looking for Inez or Cassie, our new housekeeper. I see fruit left in a bowl and take strawberries up to my room. I eat them and comb through my closet looking for just the right outfit for shopping. A cross between comfort and beach-y casual fashion.

I settle on this;

Momma!” I yell. “Yes, Massie…” She answers. “Can you drive me to the West End of the Beach?” “Take the Range Rover.” “Remember, I don’t have it anymore? We didn’t take it with us on the move. It’s Chelsea’s now…” I say drifting into silence, missing my old car. “Well, go outside.” “Huh?” I ask. “Go.” I walk outside and there is the Black Range Rover, the family’s one… And, a Pink Jeep.

“Oh My God! No way!” I yell walking toward the car. “Its yours.” “Really?” I say ushering toward the car without the keys. “Here darling.” She passes me the keys and my purse. I adjust everything, check my makeup, check for my phone and back out.

“Lauren.” I say waiting for my phone to call her. “Oh my god Laur.” I say before saying hello. “What’s up babe?” “I got a Jeep!” I yell. “Real Talk?” “Yes Senorita! I’m coming to get you, Talen, Stella, Carlie, & Jackie. Let them know?” “Gotcha!”

Well, what can I say, the beach stop was cancelled…!

2:oo pm

Orange County Mall

Talen directs me into the parking lot. “We’ll go Charlotte Russe, Bath & Body Works, JCP, Macy’s, The Limited, Nordstrom Rack, Sear’s, and Victoria Secret. Then, LF Store, Thalia Street Surf Shop.” Carlie said. “Lastly, American Eagle, Hollister, Pac Sun, and Tilly’s.”

We went to all the stores and ended up with tons of bags.


I walk into Talen’s bedroom after shopping at the mall and the girls start slouching into different chairs. I spot one and sit there.

“We gotta get ready for the Bonfire!” Carlie said excited to party. “One moment…” Lauren mumbles, exhaustion evident on her face due to her hard-core shopping. “Well, we all need showers and Massie has to be done and coached by us so, we need to get to it.” Carlie says. “I’ll get into the shower. That okay, Talen?” Jackie says. “Yep!” Talen responds.

Stella and Lauren open up my shopping bags and tell me what to wear. I wear this;

I have my bathing suit underneath it and sit at one of Talen’s spinning chairs at her vanity. I wait for the girls to finish getting dressed while flipping through the current Seventeen.

“We’re back…!” Stella says. I giggle. “I can tell doll.” I respond. “How shall we do your gorg hair?” Talen questions to the girls. They pull my hair into a perfect messy bun.

“Ready babes?” I ask after surveying my outfit. “Si.” Stella says. I smile looking at each girl. We climb into my car. I’m driving; Lauren in the passenger seat; Carlie, Talen, Jackie, and Stella in the back seat. I follow the directions provided by Tegan and head over to Alec’s private beach.


 Everything was a blur. I danced, sat by the fire, and played in the water. The one person who never left my side was Tegan. He was with me every step of the way. I was beginning to develop feelings as large as they were with Landon. I loved it.


“Bye Massie. Call me tomorrow. Wanna hang?” Tegan asked as I walked to the Pink Jeep. “Sure.” I said. “Surf Up?” “Never surfed before.” “That’ll have to change…!” He said excited. “Alright. I’ll call. Bye!” I said. “Bye.” He said before kissing me. Sure enough, Lauren snapped a photo.


February 10, 2013

My Room

 1:30 pm 

As soon as I woke up, I dialed Tegan’s number.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

“Massie?” Tegan answered. “Hey, Tegan.” I said. “For a while there I thought you forgot about our plans.” He responded. “Sorry. Just was exhausted from partying…” “I know, me too.” “Well, we still up for you to teach me how to surf?” I ask. “Yes. Get ready. I’ll be by to get you babe. Can’t wait to spend time with you.” “Me too. Bye.” “Bye…”

I hang up my house phone and run toward my closet. What am I going to wear? I question…

Laguna Hills Beach

East Side

2:24 pm

He taught me how to surf. It turns out I was a natural. He snapped a few photos from shore:

“You should try out to be a Roxy girl.” He says climbing into his Jeep with me already sitting in the car. “What? Why?” I ask. “You’re an amazing surfer, stunningly beautiful, and you got the body to be modeling year round.” “I’m not nearly good enough.” “With some more surf trainings and a camp, you’ll be amazing. You look like you’ve been surfing all your life.” “Do the Babes do it?” “I don’t know but, if they do, it’ll be highly competitive.” “Then, I won’t do it. Not ruining a friendship.” “At least think about it…”  I shake my head. “For me?” “Alright.” I said smiling.


February 11, 2013

My Room

6:34 am

“It feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters
And make fun of our exes, uh uh uh uh
It feels like a perfect night for breakfast at midnight
To fall in love with strangers uh uh uh uh..!” My iPhone 5 sang. I groaned looking at my clock before shutting off the alarm. It read 6:35. I unlocked my phone typing in the lock code. I clicked on messages. No messages.

I dial Talen’s number. “Who’s picking up who?” I ask before even saying hey. “I’ll be by to get you around 7:oo am.” “Alright.” I say before hanging up and groaning.

I wear this;

School went well…..



February 14, 2013

My Room

Valentine’s Day

 I woke up with my alarm singing,

“‘Cause nothing can ever,
Ever replace you.
Nothing can make me feel like you do, yeah.
You’d know there’s no one
I can relate to,
I know we won’t find a love that’s so true…” I shut off my alarm and climbed out of my bed. I looked at my calendar and smiled. Its Valentine’s Day! I unlocked my phone and had 5 messages;

Tegan- Soo close to midnight… ❤

Chelsea- Happy I – Heart – You Day!

Talen- Happy V-day Love!

Tegan- Happy Valentine’s Day Babe! I adore you and love spending time with you. You’re truly amazing Massie. xxx

Stella- Happy Valentine’s Day, girlie! Have fun with whatever plans you and Tegan have made for later xxx, Stella

I respond to my messages. I run to my closet searching for the right Valentine’s Day outfit.

I pick up the other girls and we pull into the student lot. “Where’s Tegan?” Stella asks before I have the chance to. He isn’t standing where he normally is. “Let’s check inside.” Carlie says reaching for my hand. “Will y’all stay here?” I ask pointingly asking the others’ to wait for him. “Yeah babe!” Stella says.

After we search the entire school, we head back to the student lot. Tears were in my eyes when I saw Tegan on the front of my car with a guitar with classmates swarmed around him. He started to strum and sing “Let Me Love You” By: Ne-Yo and “A Thousand Years” By: Christina Perri. “I seriously think I’m falling for you, Massie.” He whispered, giving me a hug. Tears fell from my eyes. He wiped them away immediately. “I think I’m falling for you too.” I whispered. He took that as the hint to kiss me. Afterwards, he presented me with a single red rose, a heart-shaped box of chocolates, and a Tiffany necklace.

Isn’t it beautiful?

We made it through the day of school and he then said that he’d be by to pick me up at 8 for our date.


I heard a honk coming from a car as I was about to pull my hair up into a pony with a bump. “One moment.” I yelled from the downstairs bathroom. I hurried up and opened the door. Tegan was standing there smiling. “Hold on, give me a sec. Come in if you want.” I said running to grab a blazer. Before I could run off, Tegan reached for my arm and kissed me once I was facing him. I smiled feeling the heat of his lips before ushering upstairs for the blazer.


“Tegan, this is amazing!” I said as we were coming up to our perspective destination. In front of me, I saw a table set for two on the beach with cushion – like seats. There was seashells and rose petals in the sand and on the table. A rose in red sat in a vase. A server from Lobster, a fancy seafood place, had our food set out for either one of us.

Tegan and I spent the rest of the night laughing, talking, and most of all kissing. Each kiss meant something. I felt sparks, fireworks, and bombs all in one. My sense aligned. He could be the one….

Once he dropped me off, he left me with a hand written note. I will show the best of it I can in a photo below.


After reading the note, I realize that I am falling for him. Harder than Derrick. Harder than Landon. I think I love Tegan…


 Surf & Sand;

1.) How is my Valentine’s post?

2.) I am still in search for a Talen, Lauren, and Carlie! Please apply!



9 thoughts on “He Could Be The One

  1. Hello, MBAFL!
    Your Jeep is to DIE for! What an ah-mazing present! 🙂 You and the girls must have had sooo much fun, and you and Teagan are so sweet together! His note to you was super-thoughtful! He’s a keeper, in my opinion!

    P.S. I’ll put a new post up on my Stella blog ASAP!

  2. Hello!

    Love your background 🙂

    I am going to post fashion outfits , with the clothes which express moi!
    If you are interested to have a look , please do.

    A Little Mad Girl

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