Life In The Fast Lane…

Hey Glamourous Dolls!

Currently, I’m sitting on my couch with my nails painted in a plum color by OPI. My hair curled. I’m wear a cable-knit sweater in pink with black jeans. I have on a white tee with a white distressed purse. I’m watching Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. We are having a snowy day in. Upset over the news Ive recieved… In my post, there are good and bad parts… So, here we go…


January 21, 2013

Block’s Estate

My Room

“Darling… Come down right now!” My mother demanded. I rushed down the stairs wondering what my mother could want. “Here.” I said walking into the kitchen. “Sit down.” My mom stated. “What is it mom? Your scaring me.” I said. “Well, your father has some great news.” And, with that he descended from the front door slamming his briefcase down. “Hi Daddy.” I said rushing into William’s arms. Ever since Landon & I have broken up, I’ve been spending time either with the PC or my family. I just haven’t felt the need to see Landon all over his current girl (a Freshyyy…) named Stacie.


But anyways, back to my story…

“What’s going on Daddy?” I asked curiousity getting the best of me. “Well, my company is re-locating.” He said letting that settle in. “You’ll have a long commute?” I questioned. “No darling. We are all relocating.” “Where?” “California.” “HALFWAY ACROSS THE COUNTRY!?” I yelled. “Yes darling.” My mother butted in. “What about my life here? What am I supposed to do?” “Start packing.” From that moment on I knew there was nothing I could do to possibly change their mind.


January 22, 2013


“Leesh! Get off the table! My mom will kill me if she sees that!” I said groaning from laughing to much. Leesh jumped off the table. “Okay, settle down. I got some terrible news to tell you.” I mumbled to the PC. “What’s wrong?” Dylan asked with Luna bar stuffed in her mouth. “I’m moving…..!” I yelled. “What?” The girls chorused. “Yep, I found out yesturday.” “Where to?” “California!” “EhMaGawd! What about the PC?” “I have no idea but, I’m sure you guys will be fine without me.” I didn’t know what would happen at that moment…


January 23, 2013


“Bye.” I said to each individual girl with tears threatening to fall. “Keep in touch!” The girls chorused giving a final group hug. I step on the plane and said one last goodbye to Westchester. And, hello to Laguna Beach California.


January 24, 2013

Laguna Beach, Ca.

New Home / First day!

“Mom, this city is beautiful.” I gushed while driving down the street with my Range Rover pulling up to the house.

It was beyond large enough to house me, my family, and the Pretty Committee. Imagine next summer…

I put the car into park and surveyed my attempt to be a California girl-style. The PC helped me pick it out. I was wearing this;

I helped set up the house for a few hours until telling my mom that I was going to go the beach. At first, it was just going to be me, my bikini, and a good book but, it turned out to be more…


“I’m Carlie.” A girl said to me. “Massie.” I said smiling. “Well, new?” “Yeah, just moved here.” “Cool. I’m going to introduce you to a few girls.” “Alright.” I said following her through the sand and trees toward a group of alpha-worthy girls.

“This is Talen, Jackie, Lauren, and Stella.” Carlie said motioning to each girl. “I’m Massie.” I said smiling once again.






“Later, We’re going to go to a club. Care to join?” “Sure.” I got Talen’s number who would pick me up later. “Attire is casual beach, babe.” Stella said before walking away. I nodded and headed to my house.

I settled on this;


Before I knew it, Talen was outside with the girls, honking on her horn. There looked to be no where enough seats. Talen was driving. Carlie was in the passengers’ seat. Stella and Jackie were sitting in the back seats with Lauren sitting on the car by the seats at the top. “Hey.” I said coming out of my house carrying flip flops. “Looking babeoilious.” Stella said. “Thanks.” I waited for Talen to get out of her 2013 Jeep Cherokee. I climbed to sit next to Lauren when Stella said, take my seat. I took her’s and sat satisified.

Talen and Carlie

When we got there, I was introduced to a bunch of people. I took it as these girls were the most popular girls in school. I smiled knowing that I was already California Alpha-Worthy.

“Tegan, Massie.” “Massie, Tegan.” Talen introduced us. I smiled being polite.


We talked and flirted by the end of the night, I had his number and we had kissed.

Welcome to Laguna Beach.

I guess life in California is life in the fast lane…


Sun Kissed Kisses,



Sand & Sun;

1.) I am obviously going through a current change. I have decided to not do the norm. I am still going to be Massie Block but, California Massie Block. I want to do something different.

2.) I will be running applications for Carlie, Talen, Jackie, Stella, and Lauren. I will be leaving you a choice of FC, the girl’s life, and personality. The only thing you cannot change is hair color. If they are a brunette, they stay as a brunette.

3.) Hope you enjoy the new direction. I will be adjusting the pages and posting more since, I have more ideas with this plot.





32 thoughts on “Life In The Fast Lane…

  1. Hello, Massie!
    My gosh, what a bombshell! I’m so sad that you had to leave your friends, but at least you’ve made some new friends!

    Would you be willing to email me with some more specifications about what blogging as one of your new characters would entail? It sounds enticing, but I don’t want to get in over my head, seeing as I already run a Massie roleplay blog and my own blog (and I’d like to operate all of my blogs well). You can reach me at


  2. I’d love to be Jackie!
    Full name : Jacqueline Emerson Hartloff (Jackie Hartloff)
    FC : Ashley Benson
    Girl’s life : Born from a wealthy family. Her dad is a world-known surfer and her mom is a fame surgeon. She has a little brother and a Chow Chow puppy.
    Personality : Brainy, brave, and humorous
    Will make the blog ASAP.


  3. Hey, Massie!
    I’ve been doing some thinking, and I decided I’d like to join as Stella! Here’s my application…
    Name: Estella Sierra Rodriguez
    Faceclaim: Nina Dobrev
    About Her: Stella isn’t as outgoing as her friends when it comes to parties and boys, but if you put her in front of a camera or on a stage, she shines! When she’s not working neumerous modeling jobs in and around L.A., she’s hosting small soirees at her parent’s fabulous mansion, texting with her besties or hitting the beach for some sun and surf!

  4. MBAFL,
    I’m sure it was sad to leave the PC, but it must be fun and adventurous to make a new start in California. Tegan is ah-dorable and all the girls you met are definitely alpha worthy!

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

  5. Dear Massie, 

    I’m just sending you a friendly reminder about my contest. Challenge One closes tomorrow and I have not yet received your entry. I understand that you have probably been quite busy and I totally understand. If you would like to not participate in the competition anymore then that is fine. However, if you are still participating, then please have your entry emailed to me by 12:00 PM EST, 26th February.

    – Massie Block 


  6. Hey Mass! Just made my Talen blog, I’m editing it, but for now here’s some info on Talen.
    Name: Talen Cassandra St.Claire
    FaceClaim: Victoria Justice
    Her Life: With their new addition, Massie, it’s debatable, but Talen has always been the most confident and flirty of the group. A little boy-crazy, and sometimes ditzy, Talen came from close to nothing. Her father came from a poor rural communtity in Australia, and her mother came from a family of pedlars in Norway. Her father moved to America, met her mother, became the CEO of a multi-million dollar clothing company. The company has evolved and racked up billions, and is today known as best-selling Surfer brand ROXY. She’s a hard partier, but knows where to draw the line. She’s had a huge crush on Tegan’s best friend, Finn Miller, forever.
    Traits: Partier, Out-going, Confident, Flirty, Gorgeous.

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