Living Dead!

Currently, I am typing up this post, extremely sorry about how late it is, & listening to Red By: Taylor Swift. My nails are painted Luxe ‘n’ Lush By: China Glaze. I am wearing my pink Alice & Olivia jeans, with my sheer black floral Chanel top, with a black leather jacket by DKNY, and my Chanel handbag concluding with my black combat boots by: Jimmy Choo.


Block’s Estate

October 31st

Massie’s Bedroom


“Everything out there, Inez?” I questioned from my balcony. From below me, Inez and Landon Dorsey conducted the organization of the decor in the Barn. “Why, yes.” Inez said. “Perfect.” I said smiling and satisfied. I turned on my heel and dialed Issac’s number. “Hello?” He asked. “Pick up the girls.” I said before hanging up. I sat at my desk and finished up some homework.


“Massie!” Alicia said smiling. “Leesh!” I said hugging her. The girls gathered around me while I told them the theme. “The theme is….” I said clapping. “LIVING DEAD!” “Ah-mazing!” Kristen said giggling. The PC and I awl dressed as varying animals. We added blood to make them dead. Alicia was a Chettah. I was a Zebra. Kristen was a Black Cat. Dylan was a Mouse. Chelsea was a Bunny.  

The party went amazing. We danced the night away. We mingled. Hung with guys. Partied the night away….

Xoxo One and Only,



1) I made an Alicia blog.

2)   I updated my BLOG! My new FC is Carly Rae Jepsen!

3) OutOnALeesh’s Cawntest has started! Good luck contestants!



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