Shipped to Italy for Teen Vogue!

Currently, I’m typing this post from my room in the Blocks’ Family Home located in Milan, Italy. Chelsea is staring out the window, providing envious glares to me since, my Family has a home here. Alicia is busy painting her nails in Luxe ‘n’ Lush By: Essie. Hustle and Bustle happening among the city, with the PC & my face grinning happily from an advertisement for Teen Vogue on a moving screen.


Blocks’ Estate

Westchester, NY

5;35 pm


“Loving him was Red…” My iPhone 5 sounded, stating I had a call. The PC & I were having an annual sleepover. Each girl laying on top of her respective sleeping bag. I pushed myself off the ground, reaching for my phone which was on top of the Halloween decorated table.

“Hello?” I answered. “Massie Block… This is Amy, editor of Teen Vogue!” Amy said. “Hello Amy!” I responded, grasping the girls undivided attention. “Now, Darling, I was calling because, we would like you girls along with Kelsie to promote the issue that you’re featured in.” Amy said. “Really? What do we have to do?” I asked extremely excited. “You and 2 other girls, your choice, will be staying in either Italy or France, again your choice!” Amy said. “We also scored you a chance to go to a public school, so you can keep up your studies! Also, they speak English, so no problem there!” She continued seeming excited. “Public school?” I questioned. “Why, yes; We want to write about your experience at a later date.” She said hoping I’d come around. “Awlright!” I said smiling even though she couldn’t see me. “I’ll be there to discuss with your parents in the morning!” She said. “Awlright. Bye Amy!” I said. “Ciao Mass!” She said before hanging up. Public school… I thought to myself. I sat back down telling the girls what just was proposed!


Blocks’ Estate

Westchester, NY

9;00 am


*Ding, Dong, Ding, Dong!* The bell sounded. Inez rushed down the hallway to answer the door while, the PC & I added the last parts to our fashion forward outfits. I wore this;

(Alice and Olivia Cropped Lace Shirt, Louis Vuitton Handbag, Chanel Pink high-waisted jeans)

My hair was out in loose curls. Amy went gaga over our outfits. She explained what we were going to do in Italy & France. We basically, would attend night events while going to school for 2 weeks. Chelsea, Alicia, & I chose Milan, Italy. Dylan, Kristen, & Kelsie chose Paris, France.


Private Jet

Up In The Sky!


Clouds and more clouds fluttered by. Alicia was reading our issue of Teen Vogue. Chelsea was analyzing a gymnast’s movement on her MacBook Air. I was watching the sky drift by.

“WE’RE HERE!” Amy yelled from the cock-pit. She looked at us excited. We got off the jet with our luggage being carted to a limo. We drove to my Family’s home and got settled…


Milan, Italy

Out On The Town


Chelsea, Alicia, and I walked into a locale restaurant. We each ordered salads & water.

When we left, Chelsea ran into someone. “Watch it!” I heard her snap. “I’m sorry!” The male, by the name of Jack, who looked about 35, said. “You’re -re -re Chelsea Van Der Woodsen!” He stammered. “Why, yes!” She said. “You’re on the cover of Teen Vogue!” He said smiling in awe. “Mhm.” She said. “You’re quite attractive.” He said. “Thanks.” “C’mon Chelsea.” I said ushering her away. “So… Strange!” Leesh said laughing. We awl erupted in laughter eventually. “Gotta get used to it!” Amy said. We just grinned.


Milan High


We were escorted to class. Our 2 weeks there, went by awfully fast. We mingled. Attended parties. Made friends. We talk to them as normal as possible, with the time change. Everyone was sad to see us leave. Even, we didn’t want to go back to Westchester. “We’ll be back! I promise…” I said to Allison, a girl who just about became our bff’. “I’ll hold you to it.” She said smiling.

I smile to myself, happy about what Teen Vogue did for us. Everything was amazing. I loved those 2 weeks and will cherish them for the rest of my life while, anticipating our next trip there…….


Xoxo One and Only,


P.S. I met an uber-sweet Massie! Check her out;


5 thoughts on “Shipped to Italy for Teen Vogue!

  1. Thats amazing your oh so lucky to be able to have a home in Milan! Lucky you!! Your fashion sense is to die for! I have a contest going on would your be interested? Cant wait till the next post!

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