Who’s She?

Currently, I am writing this post, listening to Red by: Taylor Swift. With Bean laying on my lap and Chelsea looking at her MacBook Air trying to do homework. The nails that are tapping against my white keys are the color of; Who She Red By: Essie. I’m donning my latest faves, brown wedge combat boots with  a cranberry sweater off-the-shoulder style, and tan khakis along with my cream shade Chanel bag sitting in front of me.


Westchester, NY

Blocks’ Estate

3;35 pm


“Girls?” I questioned setting my purse down. Alicia looked up from her phone, Chelsea tapped her foot nervously, Dylan chewed on some Beef Jerky, while Kristen ushered in awl sweaty. “Go change, Kris!” I asked sweetly, secretly hoping that no sweat stains are left on my plush white towels. “We’ve got to be at the Teen Vogue Offices in an hour…” I said drifting off into silence. We had just got home from school. Alicia went back to her phone scrolling for more gossip. “Chelsea, you okay?” I asked before re-tying my laces. “Nervous.” She whispered. “Why?” I asked. “I haven’t been a model before.” She stammered to get out as quickly as she could. “It’ll be alright.” I said smiling. “You can do it.” I said continuing the positive reassurance. “I’m ready!” Kristen yelled. “Let’s do this!” I said grabbing my purse heading toward my purple Range Rover awaiting us on the driveway.


New York City, NY

Teen Vogue Offices

4;35 pm


“Hello, I’ll take your keys.” The valet said. “Surely.” I said while climbing out. As he parked the car, I told the girls to walk in our formation of a line and to the beat of “Beauty and A Beat” By: Justin Bieber ft. Nicki Minaji. We walked in while people let us into the door. I knew I was home when I heard the familiar sound of clicking keys, ushering movements, loud voices, shuffling papers, telephone ringing, and the snapping sound of a camera shutter. “Eh.” I heard Chelsea say. “Ma.” I heard Dylan stammer. “Gawd.” Kristen finishes with a slap happy expression upon her face. I smiled to myself knowing I did something right.

“Hello, I’m Susanna.” A lady said walking up to me. “I’m Massie.” I said smiling. “Well, you must be the models then.” She assumed gesturing to the PC and I. “Yes, we are.” I said answering for awl of us. “Follow me.” She said leading us through different halls and doors. “The Editor will be in a moment.” Susanna said leaving us in a black painted room featuring different Teen Vogue covers. “Hello, my dearest, Massie!” Amy, the editor said. “Amy!” I said returning the excitement. “Go change in there!” She said motioning to the closets.

I came out with the PC and noticed a new girl. “She’ll also be modeling.” Amy said following my trail of eyes. The girl looked at me in distaste. Who does she think she is? I thought to myself. “I’m Kelsie Wang. Vera Wang’s daughter.” The girl bragged. Her sleek black colored hair fluttered over her shoulder as she walked. Me being Alpha nudged her appearance and distaste aside. I was here for one thing, The PC and I well, deserved cover…

Kelsie chatted with Dylan the whole afternoon, or at least, tried to. I did find out though that she will be attending OCD High. She continuously shot looks of distaste and I shot them back. The PC & I were featured on the cover… I know one thing for sure, she will be out of OCD High quicker than you can say LBR. No one disapproves the Alpha…

Xoxo One and Only,



1.This post was for Fabulous Massie Block Xo ‘s contest! I hope I did good! (fingers crossed)

2. I have a RL blawg; http://foreverkellie.wordpress.com/

3. My new FC is Cher Lloyd!



5 thoughts on “Who’s She?

  1. Hey Massie,
    Loved this post!
    It sounds like you and the Pretty Committee had a great time modeling.(:
    Great to hear that you guys were on the cover!
    Kelsie sounds rude and arrogant….You will definitely have a good plan get her out of OCD High, won’t you?(;
    xoxo- Juna∞

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