Update On My New Clique!

Hey Dolls!

So, I made a post with my idea of my Cheerleading clique. I have some exciting news to tell you… I think…


Basically, I have a Hannah, Elena, Ella, and Raelynn!

Here are the links, along with who runs them:

Me: http://callieleighcovington.wordpress.com/

Hannah Livington; MassieQueen; http://hannahlivington.wordpress.com/

Ella Hawthorne;  http://officalellahawthorne.wordpress.com

Elena Anderson; ClaraLovesDance; http://elenachristieanderson.wordpress.com/

Raelynn Adams; Looking Glass and Rabbit Hole; http://raelynnadams.wordpress.com/

You Know You ENVY Me,

Callie Leigh~

Xoxo One and Only,



5 thoughts on “Update On My New Clique!

  1. MBAFL,
    That’s wonderful that you’ve started a cheerleading clique. I will definitely check out all of your clique’s blogs and I’ll be looking forward to new posts.

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

  2. I luh-v the cheerleading clique! I was gonna have one but then I realized I know nothing about cheerleading. Aha! Glad you caught awn to the trend of new cliques.

    Au Revoir, Leesh.

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