A New Clique; Cheerleader-Style!

Hey Dolls!

I recently have devloped a new idea for a clique. OMG! I’m so excited! Anyways, I have decided to create a clique that is made up of cheerleaders. You know like OutOnALeesh’s and TheQueenMassiekur’s ideas of gymnastics cliques and Aurora Blake’s idea of the STARS. Well, I was apart of a gymnastics clique but, it fell through. But, since I want to run two blawgs or more, I came up with the idea of a cheerleading clique. I haven’t seen anybody on WP have this idea yet, so I am trying to get it out there. There will be more information coming soon. It will consist of 5  girls.

Callie Leigh Covington (alpha; me) FACE CLAIM; RACHELE BROOKE SMITH [Position; Base]

Hannah Livingston(beta) {Saved for; Massie Queen} [Position; Flyer]

 Ella (gamma) {Saved for; The Dylan Marvil-ous} FACECLAIM- KENDALL JENNER! [Position; Base]

 Elena (gamma) [Position; Front Spot]

 Raelynn (gamma / delta) [Position; Back Spot]

It will continue to grow.

Here’s the information I have so far:

Clique Name; Sparks!

Ages; 16

Names; listed above^for first names but

you can make middle and last names!

Home; Westchester, New York

Status; the top clique of Westchester High School aka WHS

What I have left to decide:


-Ages for each girl

-If anyone wants to apply.

-Family Statuses…..

The list of FaceClaims I have are:

-Rachele Brooke Smith (Jaguar’s captian in Bring it On Fight to the Finish)

-Kendall Jenner


-Dianna Agron

-Nina Dobrev (back in her Degrassi days!)

-Cassie Scerbro (Jets captain in Bring it On In it to Win it)


-Ashley Benson

-Ashley Tisdale (Hellcats)

-Aly Michalka

-Heather Morris


-Kitty from Glee


Thank-you for reading this!

That is all!

Xxx, Massie or Callie Leigh Covington




45 thoughts on “A New Clique; Cheerleader-Style!

  1. Hey, so I get that ever since I started STARS all these other little cliques like Twirl Girls and The Rhythmic Toes or whatever have used my ideas- but the STARS standing for names is our original idea so I’d appreciate it if you could find a way to not use that.
    xx Rory xx

  2. AMBFL,

    Cool Idea! Being a cheerleader myself, I would be interested in making another blog for your “cheerleading clique”. But, I have to be Beta…..

    You know you love me, Massie

  3. Wow,this sounds like an awesome idea! Being a cheerleader myself, I am reallyinterested in ur cliques takeon Cheerleading I can’t wait to read it and let me know if you need another member becuase i think it sounds like a lot of fun.

  4. Hi MBAFL! I know our Gymnastics blog fell through but I wanted to Know I’m intrestied in Makeing a blog for your Cheerleading Clique! I would want to have Raelynn as my Character and My FC Ashely Tisdale!
    P.S.-Could you help me create an Account for Raelynn? Thanks!

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