Revenge Confirmed…!

Currently, I am sitting at my desk with my homework spread out around me. Chelsea is humming Neon Trees’ Everybody Talks while, I am typing up this post. Its awl about the revenge and News for the Pretty Committee!

Blocks’ Estate

5:30 pm

“Yikes!” Chelsea shouted while the PC started to laugh. We offically have the plan set out to embarrass Josie-Anne and The HeartBreakers</3 . Landon has tried to tell me awl night since I left the mall that Josie-Anne kissed him. He didn’t kiss her. The only people that can confirm that is the Crew. I’ll have to ask them tomorrow.

OCD High

5:30 am

I climbed out of my Range Rover surveying my outfit. I had on purple lace shorts, gray opaque tights, gray oxfords, purple Chanel handbag, and a purple and gray sheer top paired with a jean jacket. “You look ah-mazing!” The PC chorused. I smiled at them gratefully. We walked inside and automatically saw The HeartBreakers</3. It was time to put our plan into action. I walked over to their table with a slushie in my hand. I sprayed them with it just like they do in Glee. The next move would happen by 2nd block and they’d be gone by 4th. The girls stormed off afterwards and the OCD High students cheered.

OCD High


LunchTime News!

Since, Alicia is apart of the News team, she got us access to the scrolling news that show on tv’s throughout the school and in the Cafe. We posted about 5 photos each equally embarrassing as the previous. It publicly humilated Josie-Anne to the point where news has it, she will be transferring to another school. Claire wants back in but, we don’t want her around if she never wanted to be our friend in the first place.

OCD High


5:25 pm

“Girls!” I shouted while clapping my hands. Then, I was interuptted by a phone call….

Landon Babee! 

The screen read. I tapped my finger on the answer button and walked into the restroom.

“What do you want?” I said angered. “Please, Massie, forgive me.”  He started. “Why should I? How do I know you won’t allow it to happen ah-gain?” I asked. “Just- Just- trust me.” He said trying to obviously hide back tears. “What if I can’t trust you?” I said. “Come outside.” He said.

I snuck outside and saw Landon at his Mustang. His back was turned to me bent over. “I’m here.” I said avoiding his gaze. He stared back longingly. He turned back to the car and grabbed a couple of things out. He first gave me a bouquet of roses. “Thank-you.” I said knowing that I couldn’t possibly be rude. “Your Welcome. I’m hoping that we could go back to normal. I love you Massie. And when I say that, I honestly mean it. It comes from the heart. Deeply. I know I should of pushed Josie-Anne away but, I was flusttered. Zac kept kicking me under the table warning me but, my hormones took over. I seriously didn’t mean for it to happen. I seriously want you in my life Massie. I love you.”  He said pulling out a little blue Tiffany box. He gave it to me and I opened it. I saw a heart engraved with our names for my charm bracelet and a necklace to match. I touched it softly surveying my options. When I unclasped the charm to hook to my bracelet, Landon had some hope evident in his eyes. “Please say you forgive me.” He said before pulling me into a hug. “I do, I do forgive you.” I said before allowing tears that welled up to gently fall onto his jacket.

Blocks’ Estate

Massie’s Bedroom

6:00 pm

I was about to walk into my room when I got yet another call. This time it read…

Teen Vogue!

“Hello.” I answered. “Is this Massie Block?” The girl asked. “Yes.” I responded. “The offices are calling to tell you that we would like you and your friends to come model for us for a couple of covers and issues. Please send some headshots!” She said. “Okay.” I said. “So, would you like to do that?” “Yes.” I said excitedly. “We’ll be in contact.” “Okay. Thanks.” I said. “Bye.” And with that she hung up.

“Girls!” I said running into my room. “Guess what?” I continued. “What?” They shouted. “Teen Vogue wants us awl to model for them!” I said. “No way!” The said excitedly. “Yep! and I’m back with Landon.” I said showing them the gift.

After the chatter, Kristen took out her camera and we took some photos.







We linked them into my email and sent them off.

Xoxo One and Only,



Puh-lease apply to be in my PC!

Next post: Teen Vogue !


12 thoughts on “Revenge Confirmed…!

  1. Hey Massie! That’s so sweet of Landon to bring your flowers and a present from Tiffany&Co along with an apology. I’m glad you two are back together. 🙂 That’s ah-mazing that you and the PC are going to model for Teen Vogue. Your headshots are gorgeous!

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

  2. Hey Massie,
    I’m so glad that you and Landon are back together. And its so exciting that the PC will be modelling for Teen Vogue! All of you looked amazing in those headshots! 🙂

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