Beautiful Diaster!!

Currently, I am listening to “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” By: Tay Swift while typing this anger-fufilled post. Stay tuned for announcements!

OCD High


12:30 pm

“EhMaGawd. Look at HeartBreakers</3.” Leesh said while I looked over my shoulder. “Wow.” I said surveying their outfits comparing to mine. I had on a pale purple tee shirt with a lace detailing, leather short shorts, pale purple patterned tights that showcase my beautiful tan, black leather jacket, a pale purple Chanel handbag, and pale purple oxfords tied delicately. Josie-Anne had on True Religion jeans, DKNY black tee, black leather riding boots, and a Burberry plaid scarf. I give her a 6.3.  They approached us. “What are you staring at?” I asked. “Not you.” Josie-Anne said snarky. “I think you are.” I said since no one was behind me. “Not true Bitch.” She responded. I got up and said,”Josie, quit acting like an alpha. Your nawt one.” I said before stalking off.

OCD High

History Class


Leesh and the PC motioned for me to take out my iPhone5.

From Leesh: ? r u gunna do?

From Kris: Yep. ? the plan?

To Leesh, Kris: Dunno, she hasn’t done anything that bad.

From Kris: ? u mean

From Leesh: Bad enuff…

To Leesh, Kris: Sawrry. Nawt gunna worry ’bout it….

They took that as the hint to nawt continue to text me.  I walked out of class alone to come face-to-face with Landon. He reached for my hand and I grabbed it. “I love you Babe.” He said. “I love you too L.” I said. He kissed me in response. Everything was perfect……….

OCD High

2:00 pm

Parking Lot

“Who’s down for some sushi at the mall?” Landon asked. I looked at the PC for confirmation. “We’re down.” I said before turning on my car with the music blaring. I rolled down the windows. It was time to party!

Savvv’s Sushi!

3:oo pm

Westchester Mall Center

I heard Landon’s voice then, another girls voice before walking in. The voice sounded familiar. It belonged to none other JOSIE-ANNE.

I manuevered my body outside the window. I saw Josie-Anne kiss Landon, my Landon, with his Cuh-rew waiting for us. I opened the door. I walked up to the table furious. “Josie-Anne. You are a beautiful diaster!” I exploded. “And a bitch. You are going down!” I said. “Landon!” I said appaled. “How could you?” I continued. “You know what? It doesn’t matter. WE ARE NEVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER!” I said before walking off show casing what he was missing.

Blocks’ Estate

4:00 pm

“What are we gonna do?” Leesh asked for the second time that day. “I don’t know. But, I do know one thing. ITS WAR!” I said.

Xoxo One and Only,



1. I have joined the FLIP Girls. Addy Walker is having auditions!

2. I’m the beta of the Flip Girls so, different writing style! Check out my blawg~

3. Re-vamped my blawg!

4. Puh-lease apply to be in my PC!

Hope your school year is great! Next post: Diaster Ends & Some news for the PC!


7 thoughts on “Beautiful Diaster!!

  1. Massie,
    Your outfit in comparison to Josie-Anne’s sounds five times more ah-dorable.
    I can’t believe Landon would cheat on you with her! I’m sure you’ll have the perfect revenge plan.


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