Birthday Party, School, Claire!

Currently, I’m sitting on the Windowsill with my computer in front of me typing this post. Leisurely strolling by is Chelsea walking Bean outside. I’ll join them in a moment. I figured I’d write this post on my first week or so of school, Claire Lyons, and My Birthday Party. Chelsea posted hers on check it out! Stay tuned for some announcements!


5:40 am

Blocks’ Estate

I woke up the morning of my party extremely entergized. I walked to my closet and located my dress and accessories. I put on my Juicy Couture Tracksuit and grabbed a pair of flip-flops. I texted Issac to make sure he was ready.  

Issac: Be down in 2 moments, you ready?

Massie: Yep, BTW You gawt a surprise, go to the backyard.

I walked down the stairs with Chelsea on my heels. We turned the corner to the backyard and on the door of the porch a sign said, “Massie, make a right.” I went down the porch steps and made a right. In front of me was a CAR! “EHMaGAWD!” I yelled. I recently got my license. It was a purple Range Rover.


“How do you like it?” My dad and mom showed up from behind it. “It’s amazing!” I said. Then, my mom threw me the keys. “Its yours. Take it for a spin.” She said. “Really?” I said running towards them. “THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU!” I said beaming. My birthday was off to a perfect start. I walked to the car door and opened my door and the passengers door. I climbed in. I put the key in the ignition. “Chels, pick a station.” I said while turning on to the street. She kept flipping through the stations until Want U Back By: Cher Lloyd screamed through the speakers.

5:45 am

Rivera’s Estate

I dialed Leesh’s number. “Downstairs.” I said before hanging up. Leesh looked up and down the driveway in utter confusion until Chels rolled her window down and said,”Leesh! Here!” She opened the door and slid in. “EhMaGawd, Mass, who’s car is this?” She asked. “Mine.” I said while backing out.

5:55 am

Marvil’s Estate

Dyl was outside with Kristen ready to go. “Here ye! Here ye!” Chels shouted through her still down window. Kris giggled. “I don’t get it.” Dyl said while climbing in. “This yours?” Kris said gesturing around to the inside. “Yep.” I said.

6:00 am

Jakkob’s Hair & Nail Salon

“Jakkkk!” I said while shutting my car door and locking it sliding my keys in my Dior clutch. “Massie, Darlin’ new car?” Jakkob asked. “Yep.” I said grinning. We walked in as he turned on the lights. “What am I doing for you ladies?” He asked. “I want my hair darker with new purple streaks and styled.” I said. “Darker with carmeal streaks.” Leesh said. “Brighter shade with honey blonde streaks.” Kris said. “Bright my red with dark streaks.” Dyl said. “Brighter blonde with “Awl styled ah-bivously?” I said looking around for conformation. “Yes!” They shouted. I reached for my AmEx. “No need. Its on the house.” Jakk said. I grinned. “Oh yeah, nails too.” I said. “First hair!” Jakk said. Below photo of my hair minus the style:


Jak ran the bubbles in the tub for a pedicure. After a while my nails looked like this:

Then, it was time for our makeup. Our makeup and hair style:

9:30 am

Blocks’ Estate

Inez was preparing us some smoothies and sushi while we were deciding on what looked good with our dresses. We need Natalia Reaves, a fashion stylist for me and Dyl’s mom. I dialed Natalia’s number. “Hey Natalia its Massie.” “Oh, Massie. Today’s your birthday, Happy Birthday!” “Thank-you. We were wondering if we could stop by one of your boutiques and you could help us by figuring out what would look good with our dresses.” “How about StyleByDay right by Louis Vuitton and Prada in the Upper East Side in 4 hours?” “Okay!” I said knowing it’d take two hours to find directions, eat, put the dresses in the car, and get there. “TTYLXOX” Natalia said before hanging up.

10:00 am

Downstairs, Blocks’ Estate

The sushi and smoothies sat in front of us. “DIG IN!” I said while Dyl took 5 California Rolls. *Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong.* The doorbell sounded. I gripped the doorknob to open the door and Kuh-laire was standing in front of us. “What do you want?” I stated while staring and mentally critiquing her outfit. She was wearing a red dressy pair of shorts with a ribbon belt, hair pulled back in a sleek ponytail with curls, light makeup, a grey YSL purse, grey Choos, and a black off-the-shoulder top. I give her a 8.9. “Am I still invited to the party?” She asked. “What do you think?” I snarled. “Yes?” She said. “Wrong. Kuh-laire.” I said. “Is that your new Range Rover?” She asked gesturing to my car. “Yes. Its mine. Awl mine.” I said. “Oh, well my mom bought me a BMW convertible in blue.” She said. “I bet its used.” I said glaring. That shut her up. “Bye!” I said slamming the door. I walked back into the kitchen. “Who was that?” Leesh questioned. “Kuh-laire.” I said. “What’d you say?” “To go!” I said. I ate some sushi while Inez pulled  our dresses out. Inez cleaned up while I put the dresses in the car. I pulled out my phone and got directions and handed them to Chelsea.

1:00 pm

Upper East Side

“Where do you guys wanna go for an hour?” I asked while driving. “Prada’s next door, right?” Kris asked. “Yes.” I said. “I need a nuh-ew purse.” Dyl said. “Awlright.” I said still driving. We walk into Prada looking as cuh-ute as can be. “Massie?” I heard someone say. “Claire?” I said while turning around. “What are you doing here?” I said. “What are you doing -” She said as I cut her awff. “I asked you first.” I said looking at a handbag. “Here with the HeartBreakers.” She said. I looked at her and I had to hawnestly give Josie-Anne some props, she made Claire look amazing.

Claire Lyons:

Josie-Anne Waldorf:

Leah Bass:

Selena Archibald:

Heather Humprhey (yes, as in the girl that used to chill with Layme & Meena):

Olivia Ryan:

 That’s the HeartBreakers</3

Anyways, “Obviously.” I said. “Well, yeah.” Claire responded. “EhMaGawd! This is the handbag!” Dyl shouted completely obivious to the staring contest between Claire and I. “Ah-mazing.” I said smiling. Dylan ran to the checkout line. “See ya around.” I said walking away toward the PC with my hair fluttering behind me.

2:00 pm


“Natalia!” I said while walking through the door. “Well well, if it isn’t the Massie Block!” She responded. I smiled. “Where’s our dresses?” I questioned to the PC. “Right here!” Kris said. I showed our dresses and listened intently as Natalia piled us with accessories. We could pick whatever we wanted and it would be on the house. “Thank-you, Natalia.” I said when we were loading up my Range Rover.

3:30 pm

Blocks’ Estate, My Bedroom!

“Thank-you, Inez!” The PC choursed when she brought up our Yoplait Light Harvest Peach yogurt. We were slowly getting ready for my party. Our Dresses:







8:00 pm

Hilton Hotel, Behind Curtians

“Chels, settle down!” I said as I watched her pace back and forth. I got up off of the leather seat and walked toward the curtian. “Awl you have to do is sit there and look pretty. Here are the guys holding the chair and here’s the chair.” I said motioning toward them. “I’m gonna say a few words. You show up. I show up behind you after Leesh introduces me.” I continued. “Awlright.” Chels said looking extremely nervous. I walked onto stage. “Welcome to my Annual Birthday Party and now a Welcome Party this year.” I said beaming. “This is my ah-mazing friend, Chelsea Van Der Woodsen, She is the newest member of the PC and OCD High. Give her a round of applause.” I said. I went backstage while Chels was carried out. “Here is your Birthday Girl! The ah-mazing alpha of the PC. Massie Block!” Leesh said into the microphone. I was carried out and I rated euh-verything a ten. There was clothed tables black and white with sushi, cheesecake, ice cream, fro-yo. Flowers, a dance floor. Euh-verything perfect. We were escorted backstage where we changed into our shorter dresses. The PC & I danced the night away. Then suddenly, I saw a tear-stained face, blonde coming toward me. I realized it was Chelsea. “What happened?” I asked. “Lee-Leesh threw her mockkk-tttail at me.” I heard. “Leesh would never do that.” I said. “Sheeee Didddd thougggghhhh!” Chels said crying. I didn’t want to believe her but I did know Leesh got jealous easily. Ugh, why does it have to be soooo hard!

5:30 am

Blocks’ Estate / First Day Of School!

“WWWWWWANTTTT YOOOOOOUU BACCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!” My alarm screamed out. I rolled over and shook Chelsea up. I walked to the bathroom letting my alarm still scream since I knew Chels would get tired of it and eventually would shut it off. I pulled my hair up on the top of my head to brush my teeth, wash my face, and apply makeup. I walked over to my closet and grinned at my first day of school outfit. I pulled on my True Religion Neon jeans, with my awl lace top and my new lace up moto boots. I grabbed my new Chanel handbag along with my ring and bracelets. I brushed my hair and braided the sides then clipping on sides. Chelsea walked out of the bathroom looking country as ever. We ran downstairs and grabbed 2 Fiji Waters and peaches. We ate the peaches and climbed into my Range Rover.

6:00 am

Rivera’s Estate!

I honked my horn in my Range Rover waiting for Leesh to come out of her house. “Hola girlies!” She said climbing in. “Heyyy!” I said. We talked until we pulled up to the….

 6:30 am

Marvil’s Estate!

“Dahlings!” Dyl said climbing in. I drove tooo……

7:00 am

Gregory’s Estate!

She climbed in pulled off her Puma SweatSuit before I drove off.

7:15 am

OCDHigh/Parking Lot

I pulled into a parking space right next to Landon’s car. I pulled the key out of the ignition and got out. “Guys? As Long As You Love Me, beat. Rate outfits.” “9.9” They choursed. “Same for y’all.” I said smiling. I reached into the trunk got my binders out and locked the car. We approached the door smiling and looking hawter than ever! We walked into the Cafe. I looked at Table 16 which was occupied by the HeartBreakers</3 “Get up!” I shouted at them. “My table.” I continued. “It’s just a table.” Josie-Anne said. “Are you Crushing on me?” I asked. “No.” Heather said. “Then quit calling me maybe.” I said. I know it wasn’t my best one. “LBR CLIQUE GET UP!” I shouted. “Don’t wanna mess with me any longer or else you’ll regret it!” That got them up. “Your a bitch!” I said after them. I sat down painted my purple Essie nail color on my table and placing my Reserved sign.

Landon and his crew came in walking toward us while we were sipping out lattes. I got up and he hugged me and pecked me on the lips.

Here’s my Schedule and (with who):

1A: Chemistry (PC & Boy Crew)

2A: English (Leesh & Chels)

3A: Lunch (PC & Boy Crew)

4A: US/NY History (PC & Boy Crew)

1B: Fashion Design / Marketing (PC)

2B: Spanish 3 (PC)

3B: Alegbra 2 (PC & Boy Crew)


I went to awl my aday classes and they went well. The Heartbreakers</3 didn’t bother us yet. And it was Lunch. After lunch, the PC and I walked down the hall in our line formation until we came smack in the middle with The HeartBreakers</3 “Move.” I said. “Not going to.” Josie-Anne said. “I rule this school. Your just an LBR.” I said. “Not true.” “Only an LBR would say that!” I said. “Given.” I heard Leesh say. “I’m queen and your nawt. So, get over it and Leave!” I said. That finally got them moving. “We’re gonna be at the top.” Josie-Anne said while glaring at me. If its WAR that I have to declare, I surely don’t give a damn, and its only the first day…

Xoxo One and Only,



1) We are still taking applacations for Kristen. Our Dylan decided to leave us for reasons that I will not discuss. So, Dyl and Kris, please apply!

2) In the direction that my story is going in there isn’t a Claire needed completely. I will still consider you if you apply, so please do!

3) I’m thinking of designing my own Academy like Style or Vouge except it won’t be like that if it makes any sense.

4) My posts will probably become more regularly but shorter…. Since this is my junior year after all.

5) Leave a cawment below regarding your first day, if you are interested in an Academy, and if you know of any Dyl, Kris, and Claire’s looking for a PC.

6) Add me on google + if you have one!

7) Like my updated blawg? It looks ah-mazing to me!

8) I might do a contest except, I need someone to help me with ideas!

9) Ah-dore my





Xoxo One and Only, MB(:

Good Luck at School!


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