No BTS Post – Sawrry!

This is awl in regards to the girl behind the screen. I know awl Massie’s make an annual BTS post but this year, I just can’t be a part of this tradition. Some people may say that that doesn’t make me enough of a Massie but I don’t care. I just had my 3 wisdom teeth ruh-moved from my mouth this past Tuesday. It makes it very diffcult to write a good quality post when my sides of my face are bothering me. I’m awl sawrry to awl of the people who want or expect this type of post. I will try my best to do one next year. But, I’m thinking to make up for it I’ll do a Back – To – Summer Post. What do y’all think about that? Leave a cawment below and stay tuned to by blawg! Enjoy the last days of Summer!!!!

 Xoxo One and Only,




6 thoughts on “No BTS Post – Sawrry!

  1. Hey, Massie!
    I don’t think nawt writing a certain post makes you any less of a Massie… I agree, it’s hard to writing when you’re sick or something’s bothering you!

    You know you love me,

  2. Massie,
    A back to summer post is a great idea!
    It’s upsetting that you couldn’t do a back-to-school post, but it’s totally understandable. I hope your mouth feels better soon!


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