EhMaGawd! What’s a Girl To Do?

Currently, I am sitting awn my bed in utter silence. The only sound is my fingers tapping on the keyboard and Bean pacing back and forth. My nails are painted Penny Talk By: Essie.





12:30 am

Blocks’ Estate / Massie’s Bedroom

“EhMaGawd. What are we going to do today?” I questioned to Chelsea as I brushed my hair. “Well, we could call up the PC to do some back to school shopping or organize our binders or meet up somewhere?” She suggested. I grabbed my iPhone 4S and dialed the number for Leesh. “Hey!” She said into the phone, most likely smiling. “Hey!” I said in response. “PinkBerry, an Hour?” I asked Leesh. “Ah-mazing, I’ll let euh-veryone else know.” Leesh said. “Awlright. Bye.” I said hanging up putting my phone into my Louis Vuitton handbag. As Chelsea was finishing up, I took Bean awn a walk. “Bean!” I shouted. I hugged Bean to my chest as I searched for the leash. I clicked it awn.

1:30 pm

Pinkberry Fro-yo!

“Strawberry Delight.” I said for my order. “Awlright, and you, miss?” The cashier said to Chelsea. “Uh, a Kiwi Bliss puh-lease.” She said. I reached into my Louis Vuitton and pulled out my AmEx. “$12.20” The cashier said. “Awlright, just charge it.” I said. I looked around the Fro-yo bar to see the PC’s normal seats open. I gestured for Chelsea to sit down and claim those seats as I gripped the two fro-yo cups. I placed them down to look at my phone and I realized that we were at least, 1 minute early. I sat at the table like bar with Chelsea patiently waiting for the PC. The girls awl came in grinning and laughing. “Hola Massie.” Leesh grinned. “Ey, girl.” I said. “Mass!” Kris shouted. “Kris!” I responded back giggling. “Hey Maaassssssss.” Dyl burped. “Hey Dyl.” I responded with a smile. They awl said their hello’s to Chelsea, too. Then, I noticed Claire was missing. “I’ll get your orders luh-ves.” I said getting up from the table. I walked over to the cashier stand. “One Blueberry Cheers, One Lime Life, One Peach Dear, and One Chocolate Chase.” I said. “$24.40.” The cashier said. “AmEx it.” I said. I reached for the tray of fro-yo and placed each cup in front of the PC. “Thank-you Massie.” The girls echoed. “No problem.” I said smiling. “Um, Where’s Claire?” I asked. “Oh, she has cheer practice, she said she texted you.” Leesh said.

Claire Bear Lyons: Mass, I’ve gawt cheer practice. Sawrry that I can’t make the meetup and BTS shopping Luh-ve.. I’ll make it up to you, Promise(: TTYL @ home….

Massie Block: Claire, It’s awlright. I’ll see ya @ home. xoxo

“I just gawt it.” I said to Leesh. “Awlright.” Leesh said. We sat at Pinkberry and gossiped. “OLIVIA RYAN, IS COMING BACK TO OCDHIGH!” Dyl yelled. “What?” I questioned. “She’s coming back.” Dyl repeated. “EhMaGawd!” Kris said. “Nawt cool.” Chelsea echoed. “She’ll be DONE, DONE, and you know what else?” I said. “AND DONE.” They said in unison. I laughed.

1:45 pm

Pinkberry Fro-yo!

Josie-Anne’s P.O.V.

“OhMYGod! Will those girls ever shuttup?” I said to Leah, co-worker standing next to me. “Nah, if that’s even pawisble.” Leah said with a smirk. “Oh Yes, it is.” I said. I knew that Claire, a girl in the PC, that I met in London was on the OCDHigh Cheer team. I looked down at my HTC Evo and searched for her number.

Josie-Anne: Hey doll! Lets go to the Mall today after practice say about 2.

Claire: Sure Josie… I’m down. The team wanted 2 go anyways.

Josie-Anne: Iight

 2:00 pm 

Westchester Mall Center

The Range Rover pulled up to curb. “Chanel, Forever 21, then True Religion, and Love Culture?” I asked walking toward the door. “Ah- mazing idea, Mass.” Kris said. “Awlright with euh-veryone?” I asked. “Totes.” They awl said with a smile. I walked leading the PC into Chanel. I grabbed like 5 tops and 2 purses. I kept looking for pants when I heard a bushel of girls walk in. “Clairey-Beary-Lyoness, This is so you.” I heard someone say. I turned on my heel discreetly. It was Josie-Anne. So, Claire didn’t come to Pinkberry just so, she could hang with Josie-Anne? I thought to myself.We went to the other stores when, I decided to go to the Gummy Store to get Claire some Gummy Feet. “Claire?” I said walking to the Gummy Feet area. “Massie, what are you doing here?” She asked. “At the mall. Getting you some Gummy Feet for when I saw you at home.” I said. “Well, Hello there Massie.” Josie-Anne said. While her clique including Olivia Ryan appeared. “What’s going on Claire?” I asked filling with anger. “I thought you were at practice?” I said. “I was… But Josie texted me and asked me to come to the mall.” Claire said. “So, you wanted to hang with her more than us? You blew us off.” I said. “I’m sorry.” Claire continued. “What are you, no longer a PC girl?” I said. “Well.” She said. “Answer me…” I said. “I’m nawt. I perfer Josie-Anne and the HeartBreakers.” she said.  Then, I realized it was W-A-R, Claire is Done, Done, and you know what else? and Done…..

Xoxo One and Only,


I’ve got a few announcements to make:

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2. Our Claire Lyons decided to go down to one Pretty Committee for reasons, I will nawt talk about. Its just none of your business. Sawrry if it is rude to any of y’all its just nawt a subject I want to be asked about.

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Ah-dore you guys! Enjoy the rest of the Summer!

Xoxo One and Only,



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