Croatia Calls…. You Don’t Ignore….

Currently, I’m sitting on my bed at our private beach house in Croatia. My nails tapping upon my MacBook Air are the shade of Off The Shoulder By: Essie. Croatia is our last stop on our European Summer. The summer has been ah-mazing. I don’t want my 2012 Summer to End but, its a new beginning.


Croatia Beach House

I woke up to the high pitch shrill of Chelsea. Only Chels has a loud shrill. “Argh!” I shouted as I rolled over in the bed pulling a pillow over my head full of curls. I eventually got up and climbed out of bed slipping on my sheer robe. “No! Mom, I told you awlready the Blocks’ ah-greed that I can stay at their place for the entire school year.” She said calmly. “NO! I am attending OCD High. I am tired of the Upper East Side socialites of Constance Billard.” She ranted. “Dad said I could and I am!” “No, I refuse to act like Serena.” “You can’t make me.” I heard as my newly manicured feet padded down the hallway with Claire on my heels. I turned into her room and knocked poitely. “What is wrong?” I mouthed. “Mom.” She mouthed. “Look Mom, Let me enjoy Croatia. Call the Blocks’. I will not be the next Serena. Good Bye.” She said while hanging up. “You awlright?” I asked quietly. “Not really.” She said while falling onto the bed and tossing her phone. “Croatia Calls.” I mumbled. “I know Mass. Chin Up.” She said. I kind of wish Chelsea’s mom would understand where she is coming from. She needs a change. I made the girls eggs and Evian water from the town.

The Beach House!

1:00 pm

Alicia’s Room

“Time to wake up!” I singsonged into Leesh’s room. She woke up with a mad look. “Can not sleep the day away!” I exclaimed. “Beach, Town Lunch, Outlets, Last Mintue Snack Time, and then Leaving!”I continued. We walked down the hallway to wake up Kristen. I walked to my room to pull out my make up and bathing suit. I applied spot & undereye concealer, highlighter, bronzer, blush, eye primer, teal with gold eye shadow, and mascara. I pulled on my bathing suit:

I styled my hair with messy bun and falling curls to frame my face. I pull on a sarong in a black color. I pack my beach bag with a pair of short denim shorts, sandals, and a crop top. I grab the sunscreen on the table by my suite door. I put my beach bag on the floor in the hallway. I walk back in and pack my suitcase and makeup and personals. I then help Chels with that and Claire.

The Beach!

2:00 pm

The Beach

We sit on the beach for hours and talk about the summer. “EhMaGawd. School starts soon. Ugh!” Claire says. “I’m excited.” Chels mumbled. “I know I am!” I said. “Well, you might nawt want to be.” I heard Chels and Leesh say quickly and quietly. “Why?” I questioned. “There’s – There’s a – a possible threat to the PC.” Chels said. My entire world stawped. “WHAT?” I shouted. “Josie – Anne, remember her?” Chels answered. “Yes.” I mumbled. “She’s alpha of the HeartBreakers. They’re attending OCD High. They’re new. Josie – Anne, Leah, Crystal, Selena, Heather, and Natalie. They wanted me in their clique but I picked you guys.” Chels said. “Why?” I asked. “Mass, your my best friend. I luh-ve you.” Chelsea responded. “No, Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” I asked. “We were scared.” They mumbled. “It’ll be okay. Just don’t worry about.” I said while getting up and splashing them with water. They joined me in the water and snapped this photo:

Leesh, Me, Dyl, and Chels!

We drew this in the sand:

and watched the water wash it away.

3:35 pm

Croatia Change Room By The Beach

The girls each changed out of their bathing suits before heading to Lunch. We went lunch at a place in the town. We rode in a limo to the resturant titled Croatia Dining. My father told me that it was a great place to eat. I made reservations earlier. “Hello, Welcome to Croatia Dining. My names’ Hayden Lewis and I’m Hostess. Have you made a reservation?” Hayden asked. “Yes. Block.” I said. “Me-see?” Hayden questioned. “No Massie.” I said out of habit. “Okay, this way,” She said directing us to a table. “This okay?” She asked. “Mhm.” I mumbled. We sat at the table and chatted then, ordered. Afterwards we ate.

4:25 pm

Limo and Outlets

 We rode to the Outlets and talked about what stores to hit up. We decided on JCrew, Ralph Lauren, Juicy Couture, Louis Vuitton, BCBG, Dior, VS, American Eagle, Tilly’s, TopShop, Marc Jacobs, Micheal Kors, and others. It was exhausting afterwards and climbed into the car.

7:00 pm

Croatia Beach House & Croatia Private Airport

We grabbed our luggage and piled back into the limo. Our luggage was taken into the airplane. I walked up the stairs and the girls were awlready asleep. I eventually fell asleep until I was awoken to be told that we were home. I woke the girls up and we piled into the Range Rover. Issac drove us back to the Blocks’ Estate and we had a slumber party. It felt good to be back in Westchester, NY. We will be the elite girls of OCD High. HeartBreakers, You better watch out, I thought as I walked up the stairs to my room.

Xoxo One and Only,


P.S. Sorry for the short-ish post. There will be more. Ah-dore you! Found a Dylan! Check her out: ! Chelsea’s blawg : ! Fun!



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