London Calling…!

Currently, I’m on a private jet off setting to London, England. Ah, yes. Me, Massie Elizabeth Block and ahb-viously the PC is going to the 2012 Summer Olympics. Wonder how I got tickets? My father, has not been living with my mother and I for the past year in a half, why? you may ask, one word – Work! – his job revolves around sport functions and businesses. He got the tickets. The PC and I will be in London for all of the Olympic games and to hang with some family. But we will primarly be in London ah-lone. Plus, we will be traveling all over Europe afterwards. Ah-mazing! My nails that are tapping against the keyboard of my MacBook Air are in the shade of Castaway By: Essie. The girls are quietly sleeping while I make this post. Bean is lying next to me.

~~~When I told the PC & Landon~~~

Sadly, I had to leave Landon behind. My dad couldn’t score enough tickets for all of us. And I refuse to leave the PC behind. “Mom! Inez!” I yelled as I walked out onto the patio by the pool. I walked back inside and went upstairs. “Mom?” I questioned. I found her in the walk – in closet in my Parents’ room. “Hey Mom.” I said as I walked in to stand beside her to see what she was staring at. “Massie, here’s a letter from your father.” She responded quietly as she passed me an envelope. I walked out and went into my room, where I sat on my floor.

My Dearest Daughter,

  I realize I have not been there for you this past year. I realize family hasn’t been a major thing in your life and you have confided in your friends and your mom more than me. I love you so much but I obviously have not shown it recently or, period. I hope all is well between you, your mom, Landon, and the PC, is that what you call them? I hope that what is taped below somehow makes up for everything. There are passports for you and your friends, PC, still unsure. You will be coming to see me and the family I have here plus, other places across Europe and more importantly, THE OLYMPICS. I figured you’d enjoy that. And Shopping.

Xoxo Love you way too much, Father William Block

As I read the last bit of the letter over and over again, I knew there were things that I had to do. I reached for my iPhone 4S to where I dialed Leesh’s number. “Hey Mass!” She shouted into the phone. I giggled, “Hey Leesh. Pinkberry in an hour.” I said quickly, I figured that would give me enough time to get dressed and get the girls.  “Cool M.” And with that I hung up. I called Dyl & Kris, they agreed to have me come and get them. I got dressed quickly. I styled my hair with loose curls where I put some Jakkob hairspray nicely. I put the envelope into my clutch and walked out. I called Issac and Claire. Claire said for me to come over since she was awlready dressed. I walked over the lawn to the Guesthouse quickly, “Hello, Mrs. Lyons.” I said as she opened the door. “Claire – Massie’s here!” She shouted over Todd and his new friend. Before I could even think, Claire was outside. “C’mon. I want some Pinkberry!” Claire yelled to me. I giggled. “I’m coming. I can’t run in heels!” I shouted. Issac opened the door to the Range Rover. I climbed in quickly with Claire. “Usual Round puh-lease Issac. Landing at Pinkberry.” I told him. “Awlright, what bites?” Claire asked me. “What?” I questioned. “What’s going on?” C continued. “Later.” is all I said. I stared out through the window. Leesh climbed in then, Kristen, including Dyl. We arrived to Pinkberry, in which, it was utterly silent. We got our fro-yo and took a seat at our usual table. “Girls, I have something to tell you. – ” I said as I pulled out the envelope. “What?” They gushed. “We are going to London!” I screamed. They screamed at a high shrill. “Now, we gotta tell the boys, talk packing list, and get on the private jet!” I whisper-yelled. We ate the rest of our fro-yo quickly and decided to walk to Bark Jacobs. As soon as we walked in I heard the familiar bark or yip – yap sound signaling someone walked in. I saw Landon across the store working with a dog. He saw me and smiled brightly. I provided a small smile. What I was going to tell him was going to break his heart. I wouldn’t be back until the first day of school. “Hey.” He said as he greeted me with a kiss on the cheek. “Hey.” I replied with a ruffle of his hair. “I gotta talk to you.” I responded. “Wait – I’m getting off right now, I wanna take you some place.” I smiled and said, “Okay.” I just couldn’t deny that. I sent a text to Leesh & Issac telling them where I was going. We spent time together and I told him. His face was so saddened once I told him. Then, he said,”I love you Massie.” “I love you, too.” It shocked me when I heard myself say it to him. He eventually took me home. I opened the door to my house and walked in. The girls were there waiting for me for our sleepover.

~~~Packing List at Blocks’ Estate~~~

 I opened a empty document on my MacBook Air and we began discussing. We spent about an hour doing that. I quickly typed everything needed to be listed and emailed it to each of them. We packed my bag. I used 5 bags. Two Chanel. Two Louis Vuitton. One BCBG. The list is below:

Lounge Wear-

-Juicy Couture Sweatsuit / Capri pants [purple, pink and black] ( 2 ) 

-Soffee Shorts [black, navy blue, and pink] ( 3 )

-VS Pink Yoga Pants [black with pink sequins in pink and gray] ( 3 )

Bed Clothing-

-Juicy Couture Boyshorts combo [purple, lime green, and white] ( 6 )


– Skinney Jeans [dark and light wash] ( 4 )

-Short shorts [same as above] ( 6 )

-No DENIM SKIRTS – Eh-www!

– Tee Shirts – if you dare…

-Crop Tops – ah-dored ( 5 )

-Crop Sweaters ( 3 )

-Racer back Tanks ( 7 )

-Off the Shoulder Sweaters & Tees ( 4 )


-Denim Shirts / Cardigans (however many)

-Sheer Shirts ( 5 )

-Lace Short Shorts & Sequins Short Shorts ( 6 )

-Lace Skirts ( 3 )

-Dressy Shorts ( 3 )

-Lace Dresses ( 2 )

-Peplum Skirts ( 5 )


-Hoop Earrings

-Stackable Bracelets

-Long Necklaces



-Pearl Bracelets

-Charm Bracelet

-Short Necklaces



-Jimmy Choos

-Tory Burch


Last Accessories-

-Chanel Handbags

-Louis Vuitton Handbags

-Tory Burch Handbags

-Marc Jacobs Handbags

-Prada Handbags

Bathing Suits / Coverup-

-Juicy Couture pink bikini

-Neon bikini VS

-Billabong Coverup and bikini

-Black Louis Vuttion

-much more!


-Juicy Couture Peace, Love, and Juicy Perfume, Lotion…

-Make up!!!

-Jakkob Hairspray ( need to get more!! )

That’s it… Basically!

We enjoyed our last day in Westchester. I told them about what happened with Landon. “You told hin that you loved him?” Kristen asked. “Ah-bviously. I didn’t know what to do and at that moment I did — I do…” I said, thinking. “That’s ah-mazing to hear, Massie.” Claire said. “Awe. Thank – you.” I responded. We eventually fell asleep.

~~~The Next Day~~~

The girls and I woke up around 12 in the afternoon. I got up and pulled my hair up on the top of my head and debated what to put on since most of my clothes were packed up. I settled on a DKNY sequin shorts, Tory Burch pink flats, DKNY Sheer shirt, with my normal Chanel Handbag.

The girls went to their houses as I debated on what to do before I had to pick them back up. I got a call from my friend, Chelsea, as I was about to call up Landon. “Hey, girl! Long time, no talk!” She shouted into the phone. “Hey.” I said, I couldn’t stop a grin from forming. “What’da ya doing today lovee?” She asked. “Uh, not much.” I said. “Well, Well, we will have to change that!” She said while laughing. “I have Gymnastics Practice today… I could come and get you afterwards.” She said. “No need. I’ll meet you up at the gym. What time?” I asked. “Hour!” She said. “Okay. See you soon!” I said. “Awlright lovee.” She responded. I decided to bring a change of clothes because I had no idea what we would do after.


I snapped this photo while she was at practice.

“Oh My God, girl! You are so grown up!” She yelled when I got out of the Range Rover. We were at New York Elite Gymnastics Gym. “Same to you!” I yelled back. She ran and threw me into a big hug. We walked inside. “C’mon! Follow me!” She yelled and started to run. I laughed an chased after her into a locker room. She started to change out of her clothes and into her leotard. “Here, take this.” She said while passing me a new leotard. “What? I’m not participating.” I said. “You are, its bring your friend / family to the Gymnastics.” She said. “What? I’m not going to embarrass myself.” I said. “You won’t. C’mon. I haven’t seen you in ages lovee.” She said quietly. I got into the leotard. Then, we walked to the Gym. A photo below! 

“Ah-dorable.” I said to her. “Exactly.” She whispered back. Chelsea climbed onto the balance beam and helped me up. I looked around at the other girls. Chelsea taught me flips and tumbling. “I think I might want to join this gym.” I said to Chels. “Yay!” She screamed. After an hour we went back into the locker room. “You did ah-mazing, Massie.” Chelsea said. “Awe. Thank – you. You too Chels.” I said. “So, whatcha doing tomorrow?” She asked. “Flying to London, England.” I said. “What? Me too. Just me awl alone in London.” She said. “Wow.” I said. “What airline?” She asked. “None. Private Jet.” I said. “Wanna ride with me and my besties tomorrow? We are going for family and the Olympics. We are have a slumber party tonight, you can join us.” I said. “Really? Yes puh-lease.” She replied. “What are you doing?” I asked as she pulled out her purse of the locker. “Getting my phone.” She said. “Not needed. Issac will take us back to your place where we will use my packing list as a guide to make sure you have everything. Get my friends and take you out to Pinkberry & Bark Jacobs.” I said. “Bark Jacobs?” She questioned. “My boyfriend’s mom owns the doggy boutique but you need to meet him.” I said.

~~~Inside Chelsea’s Bedroom~~~

“EhMaGawd. I ah-dore your room.” I squealed in delight as I snapped the above photo. “I know, me too.” She said. “Would you mind if I called Landon?” I asked as I stepped out of her room. “Nope. Take your time.” She said. “Awlright.” I said. I dialed Landon’s number. “Hey.” I said. “Hey Babe.” He said in response. “When do you get off?” I asked. “An hour. Why?” He asked. “My friend, Chelsea Van Der Woodsen, wants to meet you.” I said. “Oh, well, come by in an hour.” He said. “Awlright.” I replied. I walked back into her room. I helped her pack her bags and we went outside. We hung out at the Fountain. Here’s a photo of me doing a Scorpion Cheer stunt with her taking it.

~~~Range Rover Backseat~~~

“You’ll be able to meet each of the girls.” I said as we pulled up to the Rivera’s Estate. I opened the door and helped Alicia carry the 6 bags, Awl Ralph Lauren into the trunk. Chels stood nearby. “Leesh. This is Chelsea. Chelsea. This is Alicia.” I said as an introductory.  “Hey.” They said. “Chels is going with us to London.” I continued. “She is a Gymnast, too.” I said. “Hey, I’m a dancer. I dance at Body Alive.” Leesh said to Chels. “EhMaGawd, I get Choregraphy from there.” Chels responded. “EhMaGawd.” Leesh said. We pulled up to the Marvils’ Estate. I walked up and help Dyl carry her 5 bags, awl Marc Jacobs. “Dylan, this is Chelsea. Chelsea, this is Dylan.” I said. “Hiiii.” Dylan burped. “She is going to London.” I said. I did this for awl the rest of the girls.

~~~Bark Jacobs~~~

“What are we doing here again, Massie?” Kristen asked. “Chels needs to meet Landon, to you know, put a name with a face.” I said. Chels and I climbed out. We walked toward Bark Jacobs. The signal sounded and I caught Landon’s eye. Chels’s eyes followed. “Him?” She asked. “Mhm.” I said. “He’s gorge.” She said. “I know right.” I whispered. “Hey.” He said. “Hey.” I replied. “Chelsea, Landon. Landon, Chelsea.” I said. “Nice to meet you.” Landon said with a smile. “Same.” She said. Landon reached for my hand to pull me closer. “I’m leaving tomorrow.” I said. “I know, babe.” He said. “I’ll just leave you two ah-lone.” Chels said before disappearing. “I love you.” He said. “I love you, too.” I said. We walked back outside. Just before getting on the back of Landon’s motorcycle, I told Issac that I would be home, Landon was just dropping me off. I sat behind him and we got back to my house just as they were pulling in. I said bye to Landon at the gates and he promised to say goodbye to me tomorrow. Dylan wasn’t that far and snapped a picture to joke me about.

~~~The Blocks’ Estate~~~

“Awe, you guys are ah-dorable!” Chelsea said as I walked in. “Thank – you lovee.” I responded. We ate some food Inez prepared. We watched loads of Gossip Girl.  When I heard my phone belt out “Love You Like A Love Song” By: Selena Gomez, I rushed over to it. Before I grabbed it, Chels grabbed it and read the text aloud. “Babe dot dot dot Night dot See you tomorrow dot Bright and Early dot.” She read. “Give me that!” I shouted. “Night.” I texted. “I love you.” When I read that I grinned. “I love you, too.” I responded. We laughed and talked until we awl fell asleep.

~~~The Private Jet / Leaving America!~~~

“Wake up!” I shouted over my iPhone 4S going off and playing Wide Awake by: Katy Perry. Chelsea didn’t wake up right away so, I went over to move her. “Wake up!” I continued. “Why so early?” Chels asked.  “You can sleep on the private jet. Pillows, Blankets, Luggage are awl in the Range Rover. Just get dressed.” I said. I was awlready dressed in Marc Jacobs clothing. They got dressed and we climbed into the Range Rover. When we arrived there was a limo awlready parked out front. Landon and the Boys were here. I was the first one out. I ran into Landon’s arms. “I’m gonna miss you.” Is awl he said. We were like that for what seemed like forever but it was only a couple of mintues. I promised to email him everyday. Send him every photo. Claire took this photo from the plane.


We are finally in London. London. As in London England. Its ah-mazing. We first got picked up by my father. My dad looked happy, for once. I was happy for him myself. We went to the baggage claim area where, an Inez type took our baggage to this stretch limo. “EhMaGawd.” Claire yelled. “We are nawt to look like tourists!” I whisper – yelled.  We checked into our hotel a photo of the outside below and each room, 3 of them, at least.


Chels and My Room!

Dylan and Kristen’s Room!

Alicia and Claire’s Room!

“I luh-ve this hotel!” Chels and I said at the same time. We have been here for 8 days and I will tell you euh-verything that has happened.

~~~Day 1~~~

Once we settled into our rooms, we searched for some dinner attire since, my cousins were inviting us for dinner. I kept what I had on but added a Marc Jacobs mini black skirt over air titled nylons. I styled it with my Jimmy Choos. “Hey. Gabby?” I asked. Gabby is Gaberiella, my cousin, who is the same age. “Do you want to go to the Opening Cermony with us later?” I asked. “Absolutely.” She replied. We went to the Opening Cermony and it was ah-mazing. Afterwards, Gabby heard from a friend that there was a party going on. Gabby wanted to go so we awl did.

The house was ah-mazing and the party was fairly fun. It was in full swing when we arrived. Gabby introduced us to bunches of people. Chels even kinda met a guy! But she assured us that nothing could get in her way of somehow vacay with us & gymnastics. Ever since we were little girls we dreamed about going to Olympics. Once we got back to the hotel, we went to our individual rooms and Chels and I watched some television. We eventually fell asleep.

~~~Day 2~~~

In the morning, we woke up and I walked down the hallway to wake up the other girls. We awl ordered room service in my room and got dressed. We decided that we were going to go to the Gymnastics and the Equestrian  Game. No need to waste time on uninteresting sports, right? We wasted time sight seeing. Below a photo of the PC minus Chels, she took the photo.

Chels thought it’d be funny to snap it. We saw locals’ hangouts but the real fun will be soon. We watched in awe as we saw the Games in front of us. It was ah-mazing. We did the ritual of going to sleep.

~~~Day 3~~~

When I walked to the hotel in the morning from a locals’ food stop, I ran into someone. “Excuse me. So so Sorry.” The person said in a British accent. “It’s no problem.” I said in my American tone. When I looked up I saw a boy that was absolutely gorgeous. “Sorry. My names’ James.” He said as he stuck out his hand. “Massie.” I said as I shook it. “I love your streak.” James said as I fingered my purple streak. “Oh. Thank – you.” I said as I stood up. “American?” He questioned. “Yeah. Brit?” I said with a slight giggle. “Yeah.” He said. “Well, I ought to be going.” I said as I began to walk. “See you around!” James said. “See you!” I said. I walked to the hotel and found the girls dressed staring at me. “Were you just flirting?” Chels asked me. “Not at awl.” I said. “Here’s your eclairs, doughnuts, fruits, euh-verything.” I continued as I passed them the 5 paper bags. We had lunch with William Block and some cousins. Afterward, we went to Big Ben, a photo below:

Then, we watched the Games and went back to hotel for some sleep.

~~~Day 4~~~

Today, when I woke up I looked down at my iPhone 4S and noticed I had a call from Landon. I dialed the number 1 and I had a voicemail from Landon.

Landon’s Voice: Hey Babe, I was calling because I have a surprise for the both of us and I wanted to kinda let you in on the surprise without completely ruining it if that is even possible. But I, uh, I digress. Call me back. Love you. Bye!

That sounded loudly into my ear. I had international mintues so I decided to try and call him back. I dialed the number. “Hey!” I said with a grin forming. “Hey Babe, How’s London?” He asked. “Ah-mazing!” I said. “Well, I’m glad. I want you to go to the airport in an hour at gate 12.” He said. “EhMaGawd. Your here?” I said. “Nah. But you did ruin the surprise babe.” He said. “Oh, I am so so sorry!” I said while giggling. “Bye Babe. I love you!” I said. “Bye. Love you more!” He sounded. With that I hung up. I screamed and Chels walked in from the bathroom in a white fluffy robe with worry plastered across her face. “What’s wrong? Why did you scream?” Chels asked. “Landon’s coming!” I shouted. “When lovee?” She asked. “In an hour at Gate 12!!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs…

~~~An Hour Later~~~

 I walk with one Tory Burch Wedged Heel foot in front of the other up the esclator moving me closer to Gate 12. As I saw the label of Gate 12, I look for Landon’s face. We lock eyes. “Babe.” He says with happiness forming across his face. “L.” I say with a gentle smile. He wraps his arms around me into a big hug, a familiarity I’ve began to miss over the past few days. “For you.” He says as he passes me a bouquet of red roses. “EhMaGawd, Landon, you didn’t have to do this. But Thank – you.” I gushed. “I know. I wanted too.” He says beaming with delight. I turned on my heel and picked up a duffle that was on the ground next to me. “Junior. I told you mustn’t need to be here. Gawd, don’t you euh-ver listen.” I say. Junior, is my father’s servant. “I figured Mr. Landon D. Crane here would need help with his luggage.” Junior states. We use an elevator to take us to the baggage claim to claim L’s baggage so, he can settle in his hotel. “How does he know my full name?” Landon questioned. I laugh because I realized Boy, did I miss him.

~~~Day 5~~~

Landon will be unfortunely, leaving in 2 days. Sucks, right? Today, I went to the same bakery that wasn’t that far from the hotel, not ah-lone but with Landon. We walked to the bakery titled London’s Locale Best Bakery. “Nice name.” Landon said. We walked in as I inhaled the scent of fresh fruit with warm bread and coffee, that has recently began to become a familiarity here in London, England. I ah-llowed Landon to scan the menu before I stepped up to order. “Hello, Ma’am, The names’ Josie – Anne, How may I serve you, today?” She asked in her thick British accent. “Hello, uh, yes you may..” I stammered, shocked by the formality of Josie – Anne. “What would you like?” She asked. “6 fresh fruit bushels, 3 glazed doughnuts, 3 blueberry doughnuts, 6 rasberry eclairs, and 6 fresh chai latte coffee. Add whatever he wants.” I said as I pointed in the direction of Landon. ” 1 fresh fruit bushel, 1 rasberry eclair, and 1 glazed doughnut, 1 fresh fruit smoothie and a London Equale Water.” Landon said to Josie – Anne. “$24.00.” She said as I pulled out a wad of cash. “There you go.” I said as I passed her the money. “Keep the change.” I said smiling. Once our food was done, we walked back in the direction of the hotel. “Uh. Excuse me.” A thick British accent said. I looked up at the face and was expressionless. “Massie? We keep meeting like this.” James said. “James?” I said barely finding my voice. “Uh. Yes. Mind to hang out tonight?” James asked. “Uh. James, This is Landon, my boyfriend.” I said holding tightly on his hand. “Yeah. Nice to meet you, James, is it?” Landon said. “I ought to be going.” I said pulling Landon forward and away from James. “Wait, Babe.” Landon said motioning for me to come forward. Landon pecked me on the lips while James was watching, as if to say back off. We went back to the hotel and went sightseeing then to the Games.

~~~Day 6~~~

After the normal routine of breakfast and lunch, the PC and I decided to switch it up a bit. We went to the London Eye and rode that for hours after a bit of shopping. We hit H & M and a few local spots. Afterwards, it was time for the Games!

~~~Day 7~~~

Today is the day Landon is leaving. We rode the double decker bus to the airport. Once we were there, It was real. I was going to have to say bye. Tears began to well up in my eyes. Landon and I hugged until he had to board the plane. Once he was on the plane and it was about to take off, I knew he wouldn’t see me but I wanted to wave. Claire snapped a photo:

Once the plane disappeared in the distance, we left the airport. Time to make me feel better. Retail therapy is needed. Below a photo:

We spent the rest of the afternoon there and then went to the Games. Afterward, Josie – Anne invited us to a party where we took Gabby and Leslie with us. It was pretty fun. Just a typical house party, thrown together at the last mintue. Nothing lavish. After about 2 hours, we were beat. We went back to the hotel and went to sleep.

 ~~~Day 8~~~

Today is the coveted day of decisions. My father, wants us to finally come to an ah-greement on what countries we are going to and staying in. I decided to dress for the ah-ccasion. I plan on taking the PC to London’s Best Resturant. Josie – Anne suggested it. I put on peplum white skirt, coral blazer, sheer floral navy top, navy and white peep toed pumps, navy clutch & my hair in a sleek ponytail; the styling is done awl by DKNY and Dior. I applied light makeup and waited for Chels from there we went to the lobby. We awl went to the resturant with our stretch limo intack. We decided to go to Croatia, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Norway, Portgual, Romania, Serbia, Spain, & Switzerland. Completely FUN! We enjoyed our dinner and are staying here in London until the Gymanastic Games are finished.

Xoxo One and Only,


P.S. EhMaGawd! We got a Kristen! Go check her out : I ah-dore her blah-g. I’m working on a Chelsea Van Der Woodsen Blah-g. It’ll be out soon & she will be in the PC.

Keep Enjoying Your Summer!


Xoxo One and Only,



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