Neon Beach Party….

Currently, I am laying on my purple duvet covered bed with a purple colored lap desk. My Macbook Air that I am typing on is resting upon the lap desk. Bean is resting in her doggy chaise. My nails that are typing on the keys are painted, with blue and white stripes with a red heart in the corner.  The color is a very inspired fourth of July. The red color is OPI’s Big Apple Red shade. The blue color is Essie’s Aruba Blue shade. The white color is Essie’s White Baby Breath shade. I ah-dore the nail design. A photo below:


Isn’t it just stunning? My last post was the last week of school so, since summer has been going on for a while I am just going to tell you about my summer with the PC including the 4th of July celebration.


The night that school let out I had my annual sleepover. Normally, the sleepover would be spent playing Two Truths & a Lie, Wear or Dare, Would You Rather, Truth or Dare, etc. But I had decided that instead of doing the same ol’ thing that since the annual 4th of July Celebration that I host was upcoming that the PC & I should start planning. I decided that the PC & I could handle planning the Celebration since Landon Dorsey plans it normally. Although, the PC & I were the ‘planners’ Landon Dorsey helped give us connections. We had a total 9 days to pull it off. Did we do it? you may ask. Of Course.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Right Before the Sleepover~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I figured since it was the last day of school and that on our normal drop off run after school that we awl would stop at each others’ houses to get what was needed for the sleep over and just put it in the trunk.

We all climbed in the back seating area of the Range Rover. “EhMaGawd, Finally SUMMMMMMERRRR.” Dylan burped out loud. The PC all giggled. Perfect start, I thought to myself. Leesh, Dyl, Kris, and Claire all stared expectingly at me since I told them earlier that I had an idea or surprise however you wanted to take it. We first pulled up to the Rivera’s Estate. I smiled brightly. As Alicia was about to get out, I said “Stop.” Leesh looked at me with confusion plastered on her face. “Everyone get out.” Leesh continued to look confused. We all climbed out. I looked at them and said “Girls, my idea or surprise was that we would spend the rest of the day together. We’d stop at each others’ homes normally as a drop off but all get out to help with their packing for the night or two.” Claire grinned. “Yesssssss.” Dylan burped. “Ah-mazing idea.” Kris & Leesh said at the same time. We walked up the deserted driveway with Leesh in front of me, Kristen & Dylan & Claire behind me. When we arrived at the door, Leesh looked into her Guess purse & pulled out her keys & cell phone. “Where’s your mom?” Dylan asked. “Somewhere.” Leesh mumbled. Just as Alicia was about to put in her key to the door, her mom pulled up. I looked over my shoulder. I saw two girls in the backseat. “Who are those girls?” I asked. “Hey Cousin!!!” I heard. I turned quickly and there was the. one. and. only. Nina.  Alicia burst open the door & started to run up the stairs to her room. The PC followed suit as if to make it so, she disappeared. Leesh opened her door and told us to shut it quickly. “EhMaGawd, Is that why you were acting so strangely the last week of school?” I questioned Alicia. She just nodded. “Okay?” Claire said. I went over to Alicia’s closet. I grabbed her Ralph Lauren Duffle. “Leesh, Dyl, Claire – pack!” I said. “Kris – come with me.” I continued. When I shut the door, Kristen asked me “Where are we going?” “First, to talk to Alicia’s parents. Then, tell Issac to pull around back.” I said. Kristen & I walked down the steps and peeked into the living room. Her mom was sitting at a table while Nina was pulling more of her stuff out of the car. “Mrs. Rivera.” I said smoothing down my shirt. Kristen followed suit. “Why Hello Massie. I thought I did see Issac out front.” She said. “What are you doing here?” She asked. “Oh, here to help her pack for my annual sleepover.” She smiled at me. “I hope you don’t mind but Nina & Isobel are here for a little bit. Probably 3 days.” She said. I smiled, and said “Actually that is why I am down here. I don’t mind that Isobel is here but why Nina? You know what she has done. How can you begin to trust her?” “It was very hard for me to but she claims she has changed. I put a lock on my daughters’ door & bathroom.” She stated. “Awlright.” I said. “She can stay at your place for the 3 days.” Leesh’s mom said. “Okay.” Kristen & I beamed back. We walked out and up the stairs. I walked into Leesh’s room, “Only here for 3 days.” is awl I said. “What?” Leesh asked. “Nina & Isobel are only here for 3 days”. “Awlright.” The girls exclaimed. “Packed?” I questioned. “Mhm.” She replied. “Pack more. You are staying longer!” I said. “Ah-mazing.” She grinned. I pulled out my iPhone4S. Which has that case.    I texted Issac quickly.

 To Issac: Pull around back, please. ~Massie.

 To Massie: Why? -Issac.

To Issac: Nina is here & Leesh doesn’t wanna deal with her plus, she’s staying mulitple nights. ~Massie.

To Massie: Givemee 3. -Issac.

To Issac:Hurry….. ~Massie.

We climbed down the stairs & ran to the backyard driveway. Issac popped open the trunk of the Range Rover & I put Leesh’s bag in there and shut it.  The PC climbed in. Issac backed out & drove to the Marvil’s Estate. Dylan climbed out with me behind her and the PC. Once, we got to the door, she opened it since Merri-Lee was home with Dylan sisters: Ryan and Jamie. She walked in and saw her mom. Her mom said “Hello,”and provided each girl with a simple nod. We walked up the stairs hoping Ryan and Jamie wouldn’t annoy us. “Mass, Can you ask my Mom if I can stay longer at your place, too?” Dylan asked me. I walked back over to her closet and grabbed her Louis Vuitton duffle. “Pack.” I said. “Kris. Let’s go.” I continued. We went downstairs. “Merri-Lee.” I called out. “In here.” she responded. I heard her in the Living Room. I walked in. “Hello again. I was wondering if Dylan could stay at my place after the sleepover for multiple days? Alicia & Claire can. So?” I questioned. “Yes. She can.” Merri-Lee answered. I should probably make sure that it is okay with my mom, I thought to myself. I pulled out my phone and scrolled until I found the M’s. Mac Cosmetic Counter. Melanie. Mella. Mom. I clicked on Mom once I found it and sent a text.

To Mom: Hey, Mom. I’m texting you to ask you if Alicia, Dylan, Claire, & Kristen can stay a couple more than one night? ~Massie…    

From Mom: As long as it’s okay with their parents. ~Mom(Kendra)     

To Mom: Awlready asked Alicia & Dylan. Thanks MOM!~Massie…

I saw an intercom right by the stairs. I pressed twice for Dylan’s room. “You done, Dyl?” I asked into the intercom. “Mhm.” She replied. “Pack extra clothes.” I said. “Be down in 2.” She said. We walked out and the trunk opened. I placed the bag next to Leesh’s. We all climbed in. “Gawd, I’m thirsty.” Kristen said as she reached for an Evian. “Anyone else want one?” She said while her head was inside the fridge. Everyone giggled. “I’ll take one.” Dyl, Leesh, Claire, & I said. “You Issac?”She continued. Laughter erupted. “Kris, He can’t hear you.” Leesh said between laughter. “Oh.” Kristen said. Issac continued to drive until we pulled up to the Gregory’s Estate. Kristen walked up to the door with the PC behind. “Mom. I’m home. Dylan, Massie, Claire, and Alicia are here.” She said to her mom. We walked up stairs and started to pick out clothes when her mom came in. “Hello girls. What’re you girls doing here?” She asked. “Just getting things for my annual sleepover. Can Kristen possibly stay a couple more days than the one normally?” I asked. “Is okay with your mom?” She replied. “Yes, I have the text.” I said as I pulled it out of my Chanel Handbag. “I believe you. Its fine.” She said and walked out. BTW My hand bag looks like this:

 We put Kristen’s bag in the trunk among the other bags. We drive back and run in the backyard to get Claire’s things. Once we get back we put on our bathing suits. Kristen’s looks like this with this cover up from Hollister & these accessories:

Alicia’s looks like this with this cover up from Lauren By: Ralph Lauren & these accessories:


Dylan’s looks like this with this cover up from Guess & these accessories:

Claire’s looks like this with this cover up from Urban Outfitters & these accessories:

Mine looks like this (bikini, TopShop) with this cover up(Billabong) & these accessories:


 We take a dip in the pool for a couple of hours & then dry off.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~In The Cabana~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 My mom, Kendra Block, wouldn’t let 5 girls that are soaking wet into the house. So we are just hanging in the Cabana. There is loads of laughter erupting from the Cabana when Inez decides to bring us some virgin Pina Coladas. “Mmmm… Thank you Inez.” Claire said. The PC awl said thank you. “We are just about dry.” Leesh says. “True.” Dyl responds. “Let’s go.” I say. We walk around the pool carefully to not get to close and I knock on the door leading inside to the house. “Mom!!” I shout. “What?” She answers with the door propped open. “Can we please come in to house so, we can shower?” I ask. “Yes. Inez! Put some towels down leading upstairs to Massie’s room.” My mom says. She lets us in but we have to walk up stairs on towels instead of the soft rug.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~In My Room~~~~~~~~~~~
As we walk upstairs, the girls are discussing who gets the bathroom first. I am shivering but my guests should get one first. There are 3 bathrooms. “Leesh, go in my room’s bathroom. Dylan, go in the hall bathroom. Kristen, go in my parents room. Claire, you can use the guesthouse.” I say. “Very funny, Mass.” She states. “I am staying here.” She continues. I laugh. “Leesh, hurry up.” I yell through the door. Claire covers her mouth to block her laughter. “What’s so funny?” Dylan mouthes towards Claire and I. “Tell you later.” I mouth back. “WHAT?” She asks. “Just nevermind….” I say. “I’m done. Massie, where’s the towel?” Leesh asks. I walk over to the intercom, “Inez?” I question into the intercom. “Yes? Massie?” She asks. “Leesh, Claire, and I need a towel.” I say. “Wait, you are dripping wet out of the shower on your brand new white carpet?” She rants. “Nooooo. Leesh is wet in the bathroom, I am about to get in Inez.” I say trying to lose all irritability. “Oh, Givemee 2.” She says. “Leesh! The towel is coming.” I say to her. “Thank you Inez.” I say as she walks into the room. I go to open the door & Leesh screams, I throw the towel & she wraps up. I jump into the shower. AFTER MY SHOWER…….. We hang the bathing suits. “I think we should go out to the mall & dinnner.” I say. “Why?” Kristen asks. “Well, I wanna to get out.” I say. The PC opens up their bags. I pulled on a pink lace mini from Chanel & a sheer tan button down from Chanel awl paired with high heels from Jimmy Choo & a Chloe Handbag & this jewelry from BCBG:
Kristen pulled out BCBG lace creamy shorts, denim shirt & tan tank from BCBG Max Azria, Jimmy Choo nude pumps, awl paired with Louis Vuitton handbag, & this Tiffany necklace.
Dylan pulled out a Marc Jacobs skirt, Alice & Olivia shirt, Jimmy Choo heels, & Dolce & Gabbana handbag awl with Tiffany necklace.
Alicia pulled out a Ralph Lauren Dress, Ralph Lauren Wedges, Gucci Handbag, awl paired with a Juicy Couture Bracelet.


Claire chose a TopShop Blazer, TopShop Shorts, TopShop lace tank, awl with Jimmy Choo heels, a Louis Vuitton handbag, and a Tiffany charm.


Once we were dressed, we helped each other style our hair. Below our  initials will be listed with our hair style.
MB:      AR:      
DM:               KG:
The PC & I walked down the stairs. “Mom.” I called out. “Mom!” I continued. Still no response. I walked toward the pool where my mom was out. “Inez?” I asked. “Hmm.” She responded. “We are gonna go to Westchester Mall. Can you let my mom know that?” I asked. “Yes. Dear. Issac taking you?” She asked. “Yes.” I replied. “Awlright, I’ll see you tonight.” She stated. “Inez, don’t make me & the girls dinner, we are going out.” I said quickly. “Mhm. Massie.” She replied with a flutter of her hand. I walked out as quickly and quietly as I could with heels on. “Let’s go.” is all I said. I saw Issac & he opened the Range Rover door for us. “Where to, Massie?” He asked. “Westchester Mall.” I responded. WE talked and talked and talked.
 ~~~~~~~~~Westchester Mall ~~~~~~~~~~
The PC & I climbed out of the Range Rover. “Time?” Issac asked. “3 hours.” I said. “I’ll be across the street, if you girls need me.” He said. I looked across the street. It was a car dealership. “Don’t you think of selling the Range Rover!” I yelled. “I won’t.” “Promise?” “Promise.” The PC & I walked into the mall. “Chanel, anyone?” I asked. “Oh yes!” Kristen said. We walked to Chanel. Spent time in there, came out with 2 bags.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3 hours later~~~~~~~~~~~
My phone rang. I looked at the caller id, Landon Cuh-rane, it read. I clicked the talk button. “Hello?” I said. “Hey. U at the mall?” He asked. “Mhm.” I answered. “Oh, where at? I, uh, wanna see you.” He said. “Starbucks. 5th floor.” I said & with that I hung up. “Hello, Welcome to Starbucks, How may I help you?” A person asked. “What do you guys want? Max of 3 items, I’m paying.” I said. “Starting with Drinks : Strawberry & Creme Frappuccino – tall, names’ Massie, Mocha Cocounut Frappuccino – tall, names’ Alicia, Java Chip Frappuccino – tall, names’ Kristen, Cocounut Frappuccino – tall, names’ Dylan, Chocolate Cookie Crumble Frappuccino – tall, names’ Claire.” We said. “Coming up!” He replied. “Food?” I questioned. “Mhm.” He said. “5 seasonal Harvest Blend. That’s it. Thank-you. Charge it.” I said as I handed him my AmEx. We ate. “Hey.” Landon said. “Hey. We are about to leave.” I said. “Oh, Well, I saw you.” He said. “Mhm. Bye…” I said walking away. “Movies?” I asked the PC. “What to see?” Claire asked. “Katy Perry: Part Of Me?” Kristen suggested. “Yes.” We shouted. “Dinner at Caesar’s afterward.” I stated. “Awlright Massie.” Alicia said. “What? I made reservations. Doesn’t matter if we eat or not.” I said. “True. Maybe Dessert?” said Dylan. “Possible.” Kristen said.  We walked toward the Westchester Mall Movie Theater. I walked up to the Box Office since there wasn’t a line. “Excuse me, Jade.” I said as I looked at her name tag. “Yes.” she responded. “5 tickets for the 7:40 showing of Katy Perry: Part Of Me in 3D.” I said. “Um, okay. $30.00.” she said. Claire passed me her AmEx. “I can pay.” I told her. “No, use it Mass.” she said. “Fine. Charge it.” I told Jade. “Here are your tickets.” I passed it to the girls. I walked to the door, where an LBR opened the door. “Theater 8 to your right.” She said. We walked past the Concession Stand and walked to the theater. I looked at the theater, lavish seats. wide screen. very few people. I ran up the steps toward the back row middle. “Let’s go!” I whisper-yelled. They ran quickly. The theater looks like this:
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~After the Movie~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
“That movie was ah-mazing.” I said after the movie & we were waiting for Issac to come and get us. “Luh-ved it.” Kristen said. “Of course you did. It was your idea.” Claire said. Issac pulled up in the Range Rover to the curb, I open the door and climbed in. Kristen was the last one in so she shut the door. “Where to, Massie?” Issac asked. “Caesar’s. You can drop us off or come in but sit at ah-other table.” I said. We walked to the door. “Hello, Welcome to Caesar’s. Reservation?” A guy asked. “Block.” I said. “May-see?” He asked. “Uh, no. Massie. Like sassy.” I said. “Sorry. Follow me.” He stated. “This okay?” He asked. “Mhm.” I replied. “May I take your drink, appetizer, and food order?” “Yes, 5 Evian waters in a purple cocktail glass, 5 strawberry lemonades, 5 Virgin Pina Colada’s. 1 round of cocktail shrimp. 1 round of sushi. For our food, 5 Caesar Salads with sushi.” I said. “What type of sushi?” “California Rolls, Boston Rolls, Crispy, Crunchy, Lion King, New York, Rainbow, Rock ‘n’ Roll. With a side of sticky white rice.” “Okay. Coming up.” he said. “Wow. Alotta food?” Leesh said. “Not more than the normal.” Dylan said. “Girls! I have a surprise.” I said calmly. “What?” They whisper-yelled with grins bursting at the corners. “Well, the 4th of July is coming up.” I said. “Mhm.” Claire nodded. “You know the party I host for all of OCD High.” I continued. “Well, I decided that, we are up to planning the party, with the help of Landon Dorsey! We have 9 days!” I said. “What about Landon Dorsey?” Dylan asked. “She’ll be there to guide us. And give us connections.” I replied. “Awlright.” Claire said. “Okay, We need to talk themes.” I said. “What about a Beach?” Kris suggested. “Hawaiian.” Leesh suggested. “Neon.” Dylan said. “Red, White, Blue?” Claire said. “How about a Neon Hawaiian Beach theme?” I questioned. “What?” Claire asked. “Red, White, Blue is so last year.” I said. “You wear Neon, along with like strobe lights, for example. Beach, by the Pool. Hawaiian, Palm trees!” I said. “But you have to wear one thing that’s red, white, blue.” I said. “Given.” Leesh said. We ate & decided to bring some home for my mom, Kendra, and Mr. Block, Todd Lyons, Judi & Mr. Lyons. We also stopped by the Marvil Estate and brought it to Ryan & Jaime.
~~~~~~~~Back at the Block’s Estate: My bedroom~~~~~~~~~~
We said “Hello.” to Inez as we walked upstairs. “Cabana or My room?” I asked the PC. “Your room considering how late it is.” Claire said. “But we can’t sneak a night swim.” Leesh said. “Honestly, I’m beat.” Dylan said. “Ah-greed.” I said. We got to my room. “Inez!” “Inez!” I yelled from the top of the stairs. “Yes Massie?” She asked. “Can you go to the Cabana closet and get 5 sleeping bags to set up here while I go get the junk food?” I asked. I grabbed a bin in the kitchen and put a couple of bowls, with gummy worms, gummy bears, gourmet popcorn, regular popcorn, Luna Bars, Bottles of Evians, Strawberry Lemonade pitcher, & cups. I jogged back up the steps. “Alicia, Kristen, Dylan, & Claire pick up your bags and put them on that wall.” I heard Inez say. “I need you girls to help pull down the mattress and walk down the steps to the 2nd powder room. I’ll help.” Inez continued. We picked up the mattress; it took us about 20 mintues to do that. The bed wire frame folds up so, Inez folded it up. We placed our sleeping bags into a circle. I walked downstairs and Inez helped me bring up a mini table. We put the snacks out. I located the seasons of Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, & The Lying Game plus, The Secret Life of the American Teenager & Make or Break it. We changed into our bed clothes.
This with various colors by Juicy Couture: 
Mine was Purple, Leesh’s is red, Dyl’s is gray, Kris’s is green, Claire’s is pink.
“Tomorrow we meet with Landon Dorsey.” I said. We popped in Gossip Girl and fell asleep.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Next Day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I woke up around 8:30. Our meeting with Mrs. Landon Dorsey is at 11:30. I go down the stairs to make sure Inez is up. I help her set the table, and make our breakfast with smoothies. I place this at each seat with a waffle and a stack of pancakes between each 2 girls.  I made our smoothies quickly. I place this in front of Claire’s seat. I place a Mango smoothies at Dylan’s seat.  I place this in front of Kristen’s seat.  I put this in front of Leesh’s seat.  I finish up mine and put it down. I walk over to the intercom press the button 5 times for my room. “Wake up girls!” I shout over Inez shuffling her feet to make my parents food. “Coming!” I hear Leesh yell over laughter. “This looks guh-reat Mass.” Kris says. “Ah-mazing.” Claire says. “Delllllissssshhhh.” Dyl burps. “Evian, anyone?” I ask after breakfast. “Me!” The girls shout. Gawd, you’d think that it was holy water. I got up grabbed 5 pointed to the door and exited. The girls thank – gawdfully followed. “At 11:30 we have to be at Landon’s office.” I said. “I think we should shower, dress, & stop at Bark Jacobs.” I said. “Bean needs new clothes.” I said. I locate 5 towels and pass them around.”Leesh – mine.” She walks in right away. “Dyl – upstairs bathroom.” I said. “Kris & Claire – come with me.” I say. “Inez, Can Claire use your bathroom for a shower?” I ask. “Mhm. Go! Hurry!” She says in response. We walk past the kitchen, Lobby, Living room, until we come upon a small room. “Here. Here.” I say as I point in two different directions. I clean up the mess in my room and cover the junk food. Leesh finishes.
~~~~~~~~~~~After My Shower~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I walk out of my restroom & open my closet door. I’m looking for something fashionable, elegant, sopisticated, & just right to meet Landon Dorsey. Something Ah-mazing. Nothing less.
I walked out of my closet and showed the PC the outfit. A pink skirt from Chloe awl paired with a black tank from TopShop & a creamy – pink Blazer from 7 for All Mankind. A photo below:
I styled it with black Jimmy Choos and my Chanel handbag. I pulled it on & said, “Get dressed”. The PC pulled the outfit in various colors. Teal colored skirt for Leesh with cream colored tank awl with black colored blazer. Kristen had a coral colored skirt with a gray tank & a pale coral blazer. Claire’s skirt was in red with a redish blazer & a white tank. Dylan’s skirt was in blue with a pale blue blazer & a white tank. Once everyone is dressed, I intercom Issac. “You ready?” I question. “Yep. C’mon down, Massie.” He said. “Awlright.” I said. I turn to the girls, “Got euh-verything?” I ask. “Yes.”  I walk down the stairs with the PC behind me. “Shut my door!” I shout. “Mom, leaving!” I shout. “Bye.” I shout. “Bye darling.” She replies. Issac opens the Range Rover doors and I climb in. “Where too?” He asks. “Bark Jacobs. Then Landon Dorsey’s Office. Puh-lease text me when we are in Bark Jacobs when it is time to go, Issac.” I say. “Time for LD?” He questions. “11:30.” I reply. “Okay. Remind me the time when you get out at Bark Jacobs.” He says. He drives. The driving seems to take forever. The girls look exhausted. I know we need some Tropical Smoothie on the way to Landon Dorsey. There is one on the way. Perfect I thought to myself.
~~~~~~~~~~~~Bark Jacobs~~~~~~~~~~~
We pull up at Bark Jacobs. “What beat?” Kristen asks. I think quietly. “Hit The Lights By: Selena Gomez & The Scene.” I say. I climb out. “11:30, Issac!” I exclaim as I slide out. We walk to the door then, inside. I hear the yip-yap, bark sound coming from above me stating that someone walked in. “Welcome to Bark Jacobs!” A saleswoman shouts over barks in a corner. I stroll over to the cashier table and ask for Mrs. Crane. “She’ll be out in a second, Ma’am.”  says Kelsey, a main saleswoman that is here all the time. I see Mrs. Crane exiting from her office. “Massie, New clothing for Bean?” She questions. “Ah, yes.” I say. “Over here.” she motions. I walk over there. She throws me a velour tracksuit, a dress with bloomers, jean and feather outfit, 5 scarfs, a bed clothing attire, 6 bikini’s & 3 tankini’s, and a jean jacket. I look down at the clothing and say “Yes, I’ll take it.” She grins. “AmEx it.” I say as I pass it to her. She passes the clothes and card to Kelsey, AmEx it for Mrs. Block. “Give her the excluisive baggage, plus a new doggy tote & a free 900 dollar gift certificate.” Mrs. Crane says.  Kelsey packs everything in tissue paper, then into mesh, then into paper bags individually, then into the Bark Jacobs shopping bag. “5 doggie treats with 3 horse treats.” I tell her to add. “Mmkay. You spent 100 dollars.” Kelsey adds as she puts the reciept in my bag. I feel a vibration. I reach into my Chanel handbag.
From Issac: Time to leave, Massie.
We exit & climb into the car. “Tropical Smoothie, Issac.” I say. He drives. He pulls into the drive through of Tropical Smoothie. “I’ll take whoever is next in line.” The speaker explodes. “Order, Ma’am.” It says. “5 smoothies. Acai Berry Boost, Pomegranate Plunge, Muscle Blaster, Health Nut, and a Peanut Paradise.” I say. “Pull to next window.” speaker Blares. Issac pulls up. “25.00.” the boy says. “AmEx it.” Issac says. We get our drink order then start driving. The girls start drinking the healthy ones right away.
~~~~~~~~~Landon Dorsey’s Office~~~~~~~~~~
When Issac pulls up to Landon Dorsey’s Office, I climb out and check my outfit. “Let’s go.” I tell the girls. “How long, Massie?” Issac asks. “4 hours.” I tell him. “I’ll be around.” He replies. “Awlright.” I say. I walk through the circular doors. The outside looks like this :  I walk up to the reception desk. “Hello, I’m Natalie Wyman. The Receptionist, at Dorsey Parties. Do you Ma’am have an appointment?” She asks. “Yes. Block.” I say. “Elena?” She questions. “No.” I respond. “Jaime” She continues. “No. Massie. M – a – s – s – i – e.” I say. “Ah yes. 11:30?” “Yes.” “Go on up to the elevator to the 14th floor. Go to the last door on the right. Knock twice .Then open the door. She’ll buzz you in.” Natalie continues. “Awlright.” I say.  I do as I was told. “Massie , dear, How are you?” Landon Dorsey asks. “I’m good, thank you.” I simply reply. “I see you brought your friends. Perfect. Now, now, onto planning. Go ahead and sit.” She said. We sat on the couch. “So, I know your little plan for you guys to plan it while I use my connections, right?” She asked. “Have you thought of a theme?” She questioned. “Neon Beach Party. One item must be worn that is Red, White, & Blue.” I said. “Mmkay. So, around the pool there will be sand. I will have to contact my Beach themed people. Write that down Andie.”She said quickly. “Hire a DJ.” She continued. “Cabana’s!” “I’ll handle these details. I’ll call you daily to tell you what I came up with, okay?” “Yes.” “Awlright. Andie let Massie & her friends write their numbers so, I can contact them at anytime.” She said. Andie passed me a Landon Dorsey notepad. I write my name plus number and pass the pad down the group of us. “Thank you so much.” I said to Landon Dorsey. “Its no problem. Ta Ta For Now.” Landon said. “Andie, see them downstairs puh-lease.” She said to Andie. We were escorted downstairs.
         The week went by shockingly fast. We heard from Landon Dorsey daily, No surprise there. We decided to go shopping the day before the party.
~~~~~~~The day before the party. SHOPPING!~~~~~~~~~~
Issac decided to drive to an Outlet Mall. We wanted bathing suits from different store then the normal. The girls and I decided neon bathing suits, coverups, and flip flops or sandals. With some accessories. We wanted our nails to Red, White, and Blue; so reservations were made at the Spa. There was so much to do before the party that it became exhausting.
We decided to walk into Victoria Secret. They had loads of neon bikinis’. Since the bathing suits looked flawless on us, we decided to buy coverups there.
For our accessories, we decided to stick with long necklaces, hoop earrings, and Tiffany charm bracelets. But Claire, of course asked me if I wanted us to match in relation of the earrings. But my comeback was “Claire, Am I Regina George?” “No.” was her response. “Then why do you think hoop earrings are my thing.” I answered. I have to say, that it was pretty funny.
~~~~~~~ At The SPA~~~~~~~~~
Once we arrived at the Spa we knew we wanted to be pampered & primped. I decided to get stripes, Leesh got alternating french tips, Dyl got legit flags on every finger, Kris got red, white, & blue swirls, and Claire got magnetic colored red, white, and blue nails. We got a facial and body wrap combo done. Ahhh I inhaled and exhaled as I stared around the Spa. Afterwards, we went home. We chilled and decided to watch some Gossip Girl.
~~~~~~~~The Next Day, Time To Partyyyy!~~~~~~~
I woke up pretty early and Issac decided to drive me to Tropicial Smoothie Cafe since its a block away. I ordered our normal smoothies and was back before they were even up. As I walked into my room, I shouted,”Wake up!” They woke up and I passed them their smoothies with an Evian Water. “We got a big day ahead.” I said. “Its 6:30 am, why so early?” Leesh said. “Landon will be here at any moment.” I responded. “As in Crane?” Claire questioned. “No, as in Dorsey.” I replied. “Put on your Juicy Sweatpants, hoodie, tank, & simple necklace plus charm bracelet.” I continued. “We need to help direct where everything will be plus check to make sure everything in place.” I replied. “We are in charge of this party after all.” I said quickly. With that the PC got up to get dressed. I heard a loud knock as I was walking down the stairs with the smoothie cups. “Inez, take these!” I said. She ran them to the kitchen as I opened the door. “Massie, dear, I was afraid that you wouldn’t be up.” She said. “I am so, is everyone else. We are upstairs. Care to join us. There is a perfect view of the backyard from the balcony.” I said as I gestured to the stairs. I pressed on the intercom, “Everyone decent?” I asked. “Yup.” Dylan said. I began to walk up the stairs, with Landon following me. “Here we are!” I said. “Great taste in bedroom attire.” Landon said. “The workers and set up people including Andie should be here in an hour.” She said. I opened the doors to my balcony. “Mrs. Dorsey – ” I started. “Please call me Landon or Land or Landy, Massie.” She interupted. “Land – here is the balcony I was talking about downstairs.” I responded. “Oh! Dear! Why, Why, thank – you Massie.” She stated. She walked over and looked out. “Why don’t we sketch out the backyard on how we want everything to look?” She asked. The pool is located in the middle. There is a large, lavish, and luxury; Cabana is there for year – round. “We’ve planned on a sand box smartly made to have the beach style. It goes all over the ground. We have plans to clean the pool afterwards since the pool will be sandy.” Landon said quickly. Andie showed up after an hour on the dot.
~~~~~~~~ In The Blocks’ Estate Backyard~~~~~~~~
Shuffling of feet, bustling, swiftness; is all I heard as I walked down the patio steps on to the coveted sidewalk. “What do you think, Mass?” Claire asked as my Tory Burch covered sandal foot hit the sidewalk. “Its perfected.” I said. I scanned the yard with my eyelined amber eyes. I looked at the 7 Cabana Tents, all white with golden shimmers and glitter cascading to formulate seashells. One Cabana has a DJ setting up. 3 of the Cabanas’ have food with trays of everything. The other 3 Cabanas’ have dining tables set up beautifully. The chairs are round – shaped with a clear cushion that has sand along the base and sea animals placed discreetly but the animals are obviously not real.  The pool is in the middle back portion of it all. There is a shapely made sandbox except the rim of wood is lined with satin. There is a retro colorful dance floor. The colors change depending on the beat of the song. The song that is playing is “Glad You Came” by: The Wanted. There are hammocks placed all around the backyard. There are beach balls, rafts, floaties, & soccerballs including nets for volleyball and sand soccer. There is large umbrellas not set out because people can choose to use them. The umbrellas are white, just like the cabanas’ with golden shimmers & glitter. The food tables & the dining tables  have white satin table cloths, with candles and seashells as decor. Its all elite and beautifully decorated. “Thank – you Landon.” Leesh gushed. “Its no problem. Go get dressed!!!!”Landon responded. I ran up the patio steps and locked the front door. I went upstairs into my room. “Let’s get dressed.” I said as a grin began to form at my mouth. I put on the outfit and stared into my mirror, looking at my reflection. How shall I style thy hair? I question to myself… I made a quick call to Jakkob. “Morning, This is Jakkob Nye’s Hair Salon. I’m Suri. How may I help you?” Suri asked. “May I have Jakkob’s direct line?” I questioned. “Ma’am, Who’s this?” Suri questioned. “Massie Block.” I said. “Oh, right away.” She passed the phone. “Ah, Massie, What do you need?” Jakkob asked. “Hair. Come forth. Hurry Jakk.” I said. “Coming darling.” He replied. Leesh styled her hair into a fishtail braid. Dyl styled her hair into a side ponytail. Kris styled her hair into a curl burst ‘do. Claire styled her hair into a straight sleek styled hair. Jakkob did my hair like this:
  The girls stared at my hair in awe as Jakkob left. “You look ah-mazing, Massie.” Dylan said as she grinned in delight. “Landon, won’t be able to stop staring at you tonight, M.” Claire said abruptly. “Not that I care.” I said but deep down I did completely. That’s why I continously stressed over it. “10.” I said to the PC for their rating, absolutely ah-mazing they looked. I scanned the bottom of my closet for my sandals. I slid my foot delicately into the fabric of my Tory Burch wedges. “Let’s go.” I said as I smoothed my dress down. I walked down the carpeted steps as slowly as possible. You can do this, Massie. You planned it. You did everything. Now, it is time for the alpha and my committee to shine. I chanted in my head as I walked down the patio to the coveted sidewalk that is replaced with a wooden walkway. My feet shuffled against the wooden walkway as last mintue preparations were performed. “We are done, Massie. I’ll be around NYC tonight primarly in the New York City area, Call me when you are finished with the partying tonight.” Landon said as I walked her to the gate. A van pulled into the driveway. “L, can you tell the waitresses to park the van 2 blocks away, please?” I asked quietly. “Yes, Ma’am.” She replied and with that she ran toward the van. The waitresses wore various shades of neon tank dresses. Everything was in its place……
 ~~~~~~~~~Arrival, Party, Leaving~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Before I knew it and had time to think, people begun to show up. The Neon Beach Party seemed as though to be a hit. The people in attendance was; cheerleaders, football players, DSL Daters, PC, Landon & his Crew, all of the most popular people in the high school. My Party is a HIT! I did my “Welcome to the party. Where’s the invite ordeal.” The basic hostess. I talked to every guest before I settled down with my friends. “Amazing party.” Landon complimented. “Awww, Thank – you.” I responded and with that I kissed him softly; I obviously couldn’t do that while I was being the ‘hostess’. “You look amazing, sweetheart.” He continued. “Thank – you.” I said. “Get in the pool, M.” Alicia said. “Why don’t you?” I said in a joking manner. “Yeah.” said Josh, he was awlready in the pool. I whipped off my coverup and jumped off the side. “Babe. You got me awl wet.” Landon said. “Awww, poor thing.” I responded. With that he slid in and picked me up to dunk me. “No!” I shouted while laughing. With him, I feel happy, perfected. After a while, we got out to dance. While dancing, the songs that played were: Call Me Maybe By: Carly Rae Jepsen, Want You Back By: Cher Lloyd, Whistle By: Flo Rida, Chasing The Sun By: The Wanted, What Makes You Beautiful By: One Direction, As Long As You Love Me By: Justin Bieber, Yeah 3x’s By: Chris Brown, Wide Awake By: Katy Perry, Part Of Me By: Katy Perry, and Boyfriend By: Justin Bieber, That had to be the best part of my night, He made me so happy. He made me smile and perfect and content. Sorry, if I’m going on and on about Landon.
Then, on the right scheduled time fireworks erupted. I watched for a while with my hand in Landon’s and laughing friends. Everyone was happy. I couldn’t stop smiling. The fireworks burst colors in the dark sky. After the fireworks, I walked with one Tory Burch covered wedged foot in front of the other in the direction of the DJ table. Once there, I took the mic from the table and spoke into it. “Enjoying the party, everyone?” I questioned. All I heard as a continuance was screams. “Good. The party is about to end, I am so so sorry. But stay plugged into the OCD High Elite Clique and there will be more hot summer parties.” I continued. Burst of screams. “There will be 3 more songs, then it’ll be time to go; You can pick your Swag filled Bag on your way out; Blue & Green for the guys with Pink and Yellow for the girls.” I said. “Thank – you.” I said and with that I pulled Landon onto the dance floor. We danced. Before I knew it everyone was leaving. Landon & his Crew stayed a bit longer. I was outside with Landon. But of course, We put on dry clothes. I just put on some comfy clothing since I knew I would be cleaning afterwards. We talked for a while until he kissed me and sure enough, Claire wasn’t that far away, She snapped a photo of us to show me afterwards and continue to joke me about it. I’ll post it below. After hanging out, Landon’s driver pulled up and it was time to go. We said bye & I had to deal with joking from Claire & the PC for the rest of the night. I have to admit it was a good photo, so good that it is now the background of my iPhone 4S. Which brings me to the photo below:
 <—–Us! Tooo Cute! (:
Keep Enjoying your Summer(:
Xoxo One and Only,
P.S. In case you have not seen my ‘Summer…. Quickie Post’ I have found an Alicia Rivera. Here’s her link: Gotta check her out! I need a Dylan Marvil, Claire Lyons, and a Kristen Gregory. Gonna do a new thing, too. Coming Soon: My Closet & Blawg Links; Leave Comments to tell me if I should do it! Hope you enjoy!
*Ah-dored Blawgs*
Xoxo One and Only,

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  1. Can I be your need Kristen? I love sports mainly tennis and soccer. I play volleyball and run track. I’m not as rich as Massie but I’m more of a higher end top middle class girl.I dont have a blog yet but if you want me to I’ll make one ASAP. I am an all A student and have been since kindergarden. I promise you we will never fight. So…. Want are you wanting for I think you have found your new Kristen you can e-mail me at If I dont answer with in a day chat me on this page. Write back soon!
    Love Ya,LOL>3MassieJK>3

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