Summer…. Quickie Post (;

I do obviously realize that this post is done after school – has been let out. It is obvs after the 4th of the July. This next post that I am in the midst of writing will relate to everything but school… It will be in the atmosphere of summer – time with the PC. The post will include my prior “Hmm…. A Secret?” post. I will let on my 4th of July celebration since I had a party. The post will either be up later this week or the weekend. Thank-you for staying tuned to my blawg.

Keep enjoying your summer(;


One and Only,

Massie Block

P.S. I found an Alicia Rivera(: Go check out her blawg at Now, on the hunt for Kristen Gregory, Dylan Marvil, & Claire Lyons. Keep ears out for me(: Talk to you Alphas, Betas, Gammas, & LBR’s soon.

Bye & Have fun & Stay Safe(:



5 thoughts on “Summer…. Quickie Post (;

  1. Well then I can’t wait for your new post! Ps. I got a new blog a Rl blog! And I know some girls who are looking for an alpha!

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