Hmmm….. A Secret?

Currently, I am in my purple spinning chair. Bean is sprawled out on her white and purple colored doggy chaise exclusively made. My MacBook Air sits on my white desk with mulitple purple accents, like my corkboard with purple colored push pins and photos of me and the PC plus my calendar. My nails that are tapping against my MacBook are the shade of a dark pink with purple tinges based on the light, in the color known as JetStream By: China Glaze (I ah-dore it).


Many ah-mazing things occured today. Girls at OCD High were jeal-Oh wait, I am getting so far ahead of myself….

I rolled over as soon as I heard my iPhone 4S go off, well at least my alarm. I knew I had to get up if I wanted to be on time for school &  to carpool the PC. I got off my white duvet colored bed and pulled it up to make my bed. I turned up the radio since NY is the state that never sleeps(: I woke Bean up by rubbing her fur and ran into the bathroom. I looked at my bed set which consisted of my Juicy Couture boyshorts and tank set in a purple color. I brushed my teeth and I did my makeup on which I only applied: concealer, highlight(Benfit’s Benetint), bronzer, Rimmel London 004 Long-Lasting Tickle Pink blush, primer, MAC eyeshadows on in All That Glitters and just any matte color, eyeliner, and Great Lash by Maybelline & Colssall  Mascara. I then left out of the bathroom and unlocked my iPhone 4S and texted Alicia, Kristen, Dylan, and Claire to make sure they were up.  I walked over to my closet and opened the french style doors. I looked at the 2 outfits and I stood there and debated. I looked over at my photos on the wall that showed what I wore with what that way I didn’t wear the same combo twice. One outfit consisted of: Ella Moss cap sleeved sweater, Marc Jacobs heels, Tory Burch purse, and Tiffany charm braclet and dark washed skinny jeans. My other outfit: AMI Clubwear leather pants, Marc by Marc Jacobs lightweight sheer top in coral, Tory Burch flats, a Tiffany charm bracelet, and Guess purse. I chose my other outfit. I curled my hair and spritzed it with some Jakkob hair spray that is ah-mazing. It showed my curves perfectly. Talk about HAWT. I grabbed my iPhone 4S and ran to the kitchen to where I grabbed a Fiji Water and a peach for Me and Claire. I walked over to the Guesthouse and Claire was outside. My books were already in my Range Rover so we rated each other’s outfit. “EhMaGawd, you look hawt. Can’t wait for Landon to see you. He’ll die on the spot.” Claire said. “Oh, thanks. Not to much?” I asked as we walked on the lawn to the driveway. “Def. Not. You are a 9.9. Honestly you look ah-mazing Mass. Perfect windsept hair to look like you just got off of someone’s motorcycle.”Claire continued. “Awe. Thanks again.” I said as I surveyed her outfit. Her outfit consists of: AMI Clubwear dark washed skinney jeans, Ella Moss cowboy boots, Max Azria lace tank and Max Azria denim dark washed jacket, and a Juicy Couture purse. “You are a 9 Claire. Not to much, just feminine and country chic enough” I stated.  We climbed into the car. “Massie, Are you sure you are allowed to wear that to school?” Issac asked. “Yes! Burns won’t say no to me. Not after all the checks Daddy writes for OCD High.” I said while i pulled up the partion. “Don’t forget our usual round Issac!!! Alicia, Dylan, then Kristen k?” I shouted.

We pulled up to the Rivera’s Estate. “EhMaGawd, where is Leesh?” I asked to no one really. “There she is!” Claire exclaimed. Alicia took her time to get to the Range Rover because she didn’t like to “sweat”.  Her outfit consisted of: AMI Clubwear teal colored skinney jeans, Ralph LaurenV-necked shirt, RL fringed vest,  Black leather square toed boots and a distressed purse. “Leesh looks good” Claire said, “But not as good as you Mass” she murmured. I looked at her and said “Its ‘kay”. Alicia opened the door and climbed in. “Hi Mass.” “Hey Leesh”. “UH UMMM” Claire said. “Oh sorry Claire, forgot about you, Hey” “hey”. Well isn’t this awkward I thought to myself. Leesh isn’t acting like herself. She has to be hiding something. “Your a 9.8” I rated her and Claire said “DITTO”. Leesh said  “10 for Massie and 8 for Claire.” There was silence until…

We pulled up to the Marvil’s Estate.  “Dyl?” I questioned out towards the window of the Range Rover. “Why isn’t anyone ready? I questioned in my mind. “Uhmm, excuse me Mass.” said Leesh. I whipped my head quickly and flared my amber eyes “What?” I shouted. “Dylan said to give her a second. I think she texted you, too. Look?” Leesh said. I looked down at my iPhone 4S that was on my lap, and there was a text. I opened it quickly. Dyl: Hey be out in a second. Sorry for the wait. See you in a second. I replied to the text with a simple no problem. Just as it was sending, Dylan walked up to the Range Rover’s door and opened it. “Hey Massie!” Dylan said. “Hey” I replied. “Sup chica” Dyl said to Leesh. “Hola” Leesh replied. “Hey Claire” Dylan said as she smiled to herself. “Hey” Claire stated. “Okay, rate me time and I’ll rate you.” Dylan said out loud to no one in particular. Her outfit consisted of: Allison & Olivia light wash skinney jeans, Michael Kors handbag, Tory Burch heels, and Ella Moss crop top off-the-shoulder style. “8.5” Claire said quietly. “9.7” I said with a smile. “Ditto” Leesh said extremely quietly and quickly. Ehmagawd though, Leesh has got to be hiding something she is acting so so strange. Dylan pulled out a Luna bar out of her purse and started to eat. Leesh reached across into the fridge inputed into my Range Rover exclusively and grabbed an Evian. Claire looked at me with a facial expression of what is going on. Issac pulled down the partion and was like everything okay? I smiled with a nod.

We pulled up to Kristen’s Estate. Thank god I thought to myself. She’s actually ready… Kristen walked up to the door of the Range Rover and yanked off her Puma sweatsuit before getting in. “Hey there Mass, Claire, Leesh and Dyl” she said to us. “Hey” we all said one right after another. “Ehmagawd Massie, you look extremely Hawt” she said. “You are a definite 9.9″ Kris said. Claire laughed and said ” Kris, I said the exact same thing. Lol”. Kris smiled and replied with a “You are an 9.2. Just looking good.” “Same rate for you Dyl” Kris continued. “Leesh, you are an 9.7” Kris said. I looked at her oufit. It consisted of: Tommy Hilfiger jeans, black studded belt that was looped around her shirt that was an Tommy Hilfiger complete off-the-shoulder with a Chanel handbag, and Chanel flats. “Kristen, you look hawt. Imma rate you a 9.5.” Claire said. “Nice outfit. Kris. I ah-dore it. You are a 9.9.” I said. “Ditto with Claire” said Dyl loudly. “Perfect outfit.” Leesh said. “9” she continued. I smiled to no one in particular and I said, “Just wait until tomorrow.” “Why?” Claire asked. “Because you get better looking everyday.” the PC said loudly and giggled. I smiled. Finally, everything was back to normal. Then…


We pulled up to the doors of OCD High. “Hey girls, before we get out the order will be me, Leesh, Dyl, Kris, then Claire, you’ll shut the door and loudly. Walk into the doors to the beat of Boyfriend by: Justin Bieber. No mess ups please. We need to let these people know that we are back. Time to show we still own the school and we are the richest girls on the planet, OKAY?” I said. “Oh, yeah right foot then left foot. Purse on right side, too.” I said abruptly. “Okay.” Leesh whispered. “Okay.” The rest answered. We all climbed out quickly. If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go I can take you places you’ve never ever been before. I got money in my hands that I’d really like to blow. Swag, Swag, Swag, on you. Chillin’ by the fire while we eatin’ fondue. I dunno about me but I know about you. So say hello to falsetto in 3, 2. Swag. Kept running through my head. We walked through the doors while a LBR held it open. We walked towards the Cafe and I stuck my hand out to symbolize the PC to stop. “Hey, I loved that you guys were at the benefit dance Friday.” a 12th grade LBR said to us. Once she walked away,  I mumbled same beat. We walked through the doors to the center of the Cafe to where Landon and his friends were talking. Landon looked over his shoulder. “Massie” he said. “Hey, Landon.” I said grinning. He walked over to me and pulled me close so that I could give him a hug. He bit his lip in a semi-grin, and he deciding kissed me. It was a long. deep. passionate. kiss. Like body-shaking. He then said in my ear loud enough for anyone around us to hear,”You look so hawt. I’m glad I have you. Want me to walk you to class?” I grinned and shook my head. He reached out for my hand. I gave it to him. The PC was clustered behind us with Landon’s friends. We walked up to my 1st class and he said,” I’ll see you at lunch in the Cafe, Table 16. Correct?” I nodded. He gave me a peck softly on the lips with the entire rest of the 9th grade class staring at me with a 10 grade boy known as Landon Crane. His mom owns Bark Jacobs, an exclusive doggy boutique. I sat down at center seat in English with the PC girls on either side of me. “Y’all are so so cuh-te. Landon honestly looked like he saw a goddess when he turned around.” Claire said. “Ah-greed” said Leesh, Kris, and Dyl. “Awwww” I giggled.

~~~~~~~~~~ONE HOUR LATER~~~~~~~~~

Finally  Lunch…. I thought to myself. I scanned the groups of people for Landon but then I felt a pair of arms wrap around me. “Hey Babe” He murmured into my neck. “Hey” I said. I looked over Landon’s shoulder to see where the PC went. “Let’s go to the table.” I said. “Let’s get lunch first.” He said. We got lunch and went to table 16. “Where’s Leesh?” I asked. “She left.” Claire said. “Well, obviously.” I said quickly. Why is Leesh acting strange?  The PC and I got up from the lunch table to use the bathroom. “What is going on with Leesh?” I questioned. “I have no idea” they all replied. “Well, you know what?” I said. “What?” they questioned quietly. “I won’t stop until I find out something. I mean C’mon; she is hiding something. You can tell.” I told them. “Yes you defintely can” Claire said. “I ah-gree” said Dylan and Kristen. We stood in front of the sink. I put out a towel that was in a basket and I laid it out to place my purse onto the sink. I reapplied my makeup swiftly, same as the rest. Then, some LBR’s walked in. “Massie doesn’t deserve Landon.” “She’s such a bitch.” “She just wants to be popular.” “She doesn’t even like Landon.” “Landon should want better.” I snapped my head around and glared. “Are you a pyromaniac?” “No, why?” one of the LBR’s whispered. “Cause you are playing with fire!” I said. “You are just jealous because you won’t ever get him. Leave Him and Me alone and the PC. I have the power to make your life a living nightmare. You hear?” I continued. There was no response. They honestly looked like they saw a ghost. “Oh yeah your the bitches, too.” Absolute quiet. “That’s what I thought.” I smirked. I walked out with the PC behind me. “Off my Top 8.” I said. And they giggled. We walked back to the Cafe and the boys were waiting for us. “What took you so long?” Landon asked. “Oh, nothing. Just had to deal with some LBR’s trying to start rumors.” I stated like it was no big deal. “Oh. Under Control?” He asked as I sat down. “Yes.” I said. “Good.” He replied as he leaned in to kiss me.

~~~~~Last Block~~~~~

Landon walked me to my last block which was Yoga. We chatted on the way there. “So, where was Alicia at lunch?” He asked. “I have no idea. Why?” I said. “Just trying to figure that out myself. It felt empty without your best friend.” “Hey..” I said giggling. “They are all my friends!” “Got plans after school?” He asked. “Yeah, Socc-Hers practice, Pinkberry.” I replied. “Oh.” He said sounding glum. “Why? Don’t you?” I asked. “No. I gotta work at Bark Jacobs to buy Bean’s birthday gift.” He said. “Oh, well on the way to Pinkberry maybe we can swing by to get you and have the guys meet us there?” I questioned. “Sure that’d be great.” He said. “Good.” We got to the Gym wing. And he pecked me on the cheek. “See you soon.” He said. “Yeah, see you soon.” Yoga was one of the few classes I had with the entire PC. “Where were you at lunch Leesh?” I questioned. “Oh, news report with Burns.” She stated. “Really? You left lunch for Burns?” I know Leesh enough to know she’d never do that. “Yeah.” Talk about fishy.  

                                               ~Socc-hers Practice~

Listen Team” I exclaimed over the chatter at practice. “We have to rehearse and continue to rehearse to look good. Our uniforms are perfected but its also about our ability in order for us to compete. So, you have got to listen.” I stated. “Ah-5 6 78” I yelled over our remix of Ke$ha, Katy Perry, and Rihanna. “Sharp, guys be sharp!” I continued to chat. I stopped the music. “Well, if you expect us to be sharp, why don’t you show us how to do it?” one of the LBR’s murmured. “Excuse me, I created this dance. You all made the team for a reason, don’t forget that I can pull you right off the team and you can say goodbye to the good life. Do you want that?” I stated. No response. “Exactly what I thought.” I replied. “PC.” I yelled. “Let’s show ’em how its done.” I stated. “Ah-5 6 7 8.” The dance was shown and the music stopped. “That’s how I want it. Once more everybody then practice is dismissed.” I shouted. I watched eagerly to check out how everything looked. Not to bad I thought.    

               ~Leaving OCD on the way to Pinkberry/Bark Jacobs~      

The PC climbed into the car and I asked Issac to first stop at Bark Jacobs. On the drive there, everyone was quiet. Then I said, “Gossip?” and Leesh’s ears perked up. “I heard that Olivia Ryan is coming back to OCD High.” Dylan said. I looked over at Leesh, who squirmed awkwardly. “You okay?” I questioned.
“Given” She replied. Once we got to Bark Jacobs, I said quickly,”Same order with same beat.” They all nodded their heads to show that they understood. We walked through the parking lot substainally fast. When I opened the door, I heard the standard “yip and bark” sound signal stating someone walked in. “Welcome to Bark Jacobs” A saleswoman said. I relaxed a bit because in a way I felt like I was home minus Bean, of course. Kristen seperated and headed to the cat section while Leesh, Dyl, and Claire stood by the door. I walked in farther and signaled Claire to come with me up to the counter. “Excuse Ms.,” I said as I searched for a name tag. Ah, found it. “Excuse Ms. Carmen. Do you happened to know where Landon Crane went or if he left?” I asked. “Mhm. He went to the back room and said something about going to the office.” She replied. “Okay” I said as I walked behind the counter with Claire by me. “Wait, what are you doing?” She asked. “I’m Landon’s girlfriend.” I stated. “Oh and your authorized to go back there?” “Yes, I am. Landon and his mom said I could walk back here whenever I puh-lease.” I walked off quickly before she could question me more. “Ah-nnoying much?” I said while Claire giggled into her palm. I walked up the steps to the back room with Claire behind me. “Landon. Landon.” I called out. No response. I walked further inside. “LANDON” I shouted this time louder. “In here.” He replied. I followed the sound. “Massie!” He exclaimed with a huge grin. I smiled back. “I have to go to the office.” He stated. “I’ll come.” I said quickly. I always loved visiting his mom. She is not like any typical parent. Claire followed Landon & I up another set of stairs. “Mum” Landon called out. “Mrs. Crane.” I called. “I’ll be out in a second. Looking at some designs.” Mrs. Crane said. “Massie is here.” Landon said. “Oh, I’ll bring the designs out then!” she exclaimed. She walked out swiftly. “Good afternoon Landon. Massie.” She said. “Good afternoon.” I said with a smile. “Oh, and who’s this?” Mrs. Crane asked as she pointed. “Oh, that is my friend Claire. She’s also in the Pretty Committee.” I said. “Oh, How nice to meet you.” She continued. “Well, where are the designs you were talking about mum?” Landon asked. “Oh, right here!” She said.  I looked down at the designs. They were a new doggy leash, bed, poncho, scarf, and bathing suits. “Mrs. Crane, these are perfect. Bean would love them.” I said. “Yeah, same with Bark.” Landon replied. “Minus the girl stuff, right?” Claire questioned nervously. “Yeah.” He stated. We talked for a good 5 mintues until Landon said,” Bye Mum. Gonna go to Pinkberry with the girls and my friends.”

~Outside Bark Jacobs~

“Hey” I said to the PC and Landon’s friends that we were waiting on us.  “Hey” everyone replied except Leesh. Landon gave me a what-is-her-problem- type of look. I just stared at Leesh. “Y’all ready to go to Pinkberry for fro-yo?’ I asked. “Hell YES!” everyone exclaimed. “Bye L, see you in a few.” I said to Landon as I climbed into the Range Rover. The PC eyed the other boys nevrously they just didn’ t have the guts to say anything. “Bye” They shouted.

 ~Car ride to Pinkberry~

There wasn’t that much distance between Bark Jacobs & Pinkberry. A couple of mintues or so. But boy, did it feel like forever. I looked out the window with the passing scene. Leesh didn’t say anything to me on the way to Pinkberry, at least directly. “Why didn’t y’all say anything to the guys before you climbed in?” I questioned. “Well” Kris said. “I was nervous” Claire stated. “Yeah” They all shook their heads in shameless regret. “Its no problem, but once we get to Pinkberry. You gotta follow my lead, okay?” I replied. “Okay” everyone said minus Leesh. “Leesh?” I questioned. “Mhm.” She mumbled.  “YAY! we’re here.” exclaimed Claire. “Mhm. Same order and beat.” I stated. We climbed out of the car and saw the boys and waved. I led the PC into Pinkberry with the boys trailing behind us.

~At Pinkberry~

“EhMaGawd.” I heard someone say behind me. I turned back on my heel to come face to face with the one. and. only. Olivia Ryan. I looked over towards Leesh who was moving at a quicker pace to as if make Liv disappear. “Hey!” I heard Dyl say while the boys and Landon, my Landon, looked at her. “What are you doing here?” I asked and oozed confidence. “Oh, getting fro-yo.” Liv replied. “No, I mean in Westchester.” I stated. “Oh well, uh—-” Liv said acting like the bubble blonde she is. “What?” I questioned. “Quit staring, and finish your story.” I continued. “Are you a big boob?” I questioned while walking towards her with the PC behind me. “Uh, No. But I could be if you wanted me to be…” She said. “Then why are you hanging?” I continued. I heard bursts of laughter behind me and I smirked. Everything would of been perfect if OLIVIA RYAN did not show her face. Why the hell is she here? What is Leesh’s issue? I thought to myself. Olivia disappeared with nothing left heard from her. I walked up to the display of fro-yo and gave my order; everyone followed suit. Good I thought to myself. We all sat down. Me next to Landon. Claire next to Cam. Leesh next to Josh. Dyl next to Drew. Kris next to Dune. There was much needed laughter, smiles, and flirting from Kris, Claire, Leesh, and Dyl; which made me happy. We ate our fro-yo in peace with zero interuptions. “Well I think its time for us to go.” I said. The PC stood up abruptly. “Bye Massie” Landon called. “Bye L” I replied with my stunning smile. I gave him a hug and a kiss on the lips. The PC followed with their good byes and lined up and we walked out of Pinkberry to the Range Rover to the beat of Boyfriend. I grinned as we climbed in. “Great job guys.” I praised the girls. “Thanks.” They all replied. We chatted about the progress with the boys. Meanwhile, Leesh kept glancing at her phone. We dropped the girls off in their normal order and it left Claire and I. “What the hell is going on with Leesh?” I asked Claire. “I dunno.” She replied. We climbed out and I said bye to Issac. What is going on? Why is Leesh acting like this? Why was she acting awkward around OLIVIA RYAN? C’mon Massie, you can and will figure it out Don’t stop Massie. I thought to myself. Leesh has a secret and I am going to find it out. 

Xoxoxoxo One And Only,

Massie Block(: ❤


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