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I got a new and amazing blog about a girl in college at Harvard. Y’all should check it out. I will be hosting auditions on that blog requesting Kappa Delta Sisters! The girls are like DSL but older.

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Liebster Award & Tag!


Liebster Award!


Hey Beach-Wanders,

Today’s post is the Liebster Award and Tag! I’ve been tagged by Rachel Grace Woodlands!

The Liebster Award

Consists of…

  Post 11 fun facts about themselves.

 Answer 11 questions listed by the blogger that tagged them.

 • Pass the tag and award along to 11 bloggers with a new set of 11 questions.

•  Alert the 11 bloggers that they’ve been tagged.


11 Facts about Me:

~My name’s Kellie-Kate. I personally love the double constants name. My baby sister’s name is Avery-Aurabelle. I adore that name.

Me &  Avery

~I’m in a public school that has an academic school relating to Criminal Law and Justice. I’m turning 17 on July 2nd and will be a senior in high school next year(:

~I want to be a Criminal Law Attorney. Then, a Prosecuting Attorney for the state. And, lastly a Supreme Court Judge.

~I’m obessed with Foriegn Policy & Diplomacy, the Secret Service, and the FBI.

~I’m a cheerleader and have been since the age of 5 when I dropped Soccer.

~I was born in Nashville, Tenessee.

~I’ve visited eight states including Maine, California, Florida, Washington, New Mexico, Arizona, South Carolina, and Oklahoma.

~My favorite novels include; any Sarah Dessen, Nicholas Sparks, and Harliquen Teen.

~My favorite movies include; Soul Surfer, Blue Crush, Chasing Mavericks, and all Selena Gomez movies.

~I dress very rock-inspired, country, or bohemian inspired.

~My role models include; Joan Jett, KISS, The Beatles, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Jimi Hendrix.


Rachel’s 11 Questions:

1. What does your RL name mean?

Kellie is a variant of Kelly. It means, strife or war. A form of  Ceallach an Irish and Gaelic name, possibly meaning “bright-headed”, or “church”, monastery”. Kate is pure or clear in all varations. My sister, Avery’s name means sage, wise, fighting boar, and counselor. Aurabelle means light and yielding prayer.

2. Your favorite TV show?

I love The Bachelor, Bachelorette, and Bachelor Pad. I also like Gossip Girl, 90210, The Carrie Diaries, and Entertainment Tonight. I loved Hannah Montana, Sonny with A Chance, and Wizards of Waverly Place. And, so much more!

 3. Favorite activity?

I love soccer, cheerleading, and gymnastics. Anything sports oriented. Also, mission trips!

4. What’s something that means a lot to you? Like a saying, or an organization, anything.

My heart cross locket given by my Aunt before she died of lung cancer. My bible. A few of my memorized verses are: Jeremiah 29:11, Hebrews 6:9, James 1:19, Romans 8:18, Philippians 4:13.

5. Dream date?

A date at the beach. Walking along the sand dunes holding hands talking. Listening to him possibly play the guitar. Channel the Last Song. Something sweet, thoughtful, and romantic!

5. Do you watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette? If you don’t then you should..


6. How would others describe you?

Sweet, Kind, Considerate, Helpful, Sporty, Funny, a way to brighten your day. A person that’s too hard on themselves.

7. If you had 3 wishes what would you wish for?

A blanket of His grace, a date for prom, and helping other’s through God.

8. On a scale of 1 to 10 how much of a bookworm are you?


9. Dream Guy?

Sweet, fun, caring, considerate. Strong willed. Passionate about Christ. Mission oriented. Someone within motivation and inspiration.

10. What’s your dream job?

A Criminal Law Attorney, Prosecuting Attorney, and Supreme Court Judge.

11. What is your favorite memory that you have made on WordPress?

 Creating my own contest. But, so far only two people have entered. Acceptance into the Lovely Pretty Committee. Creation of new cliques! There’s so many!



I tag anyone who would like to do it with these questions:

– What’s your favorite part of roleplaying?

-How did you recieve your name? (What’s the story…?)

-Do you have any siblings? If so, describe them in one word.

-What are your favorite television shows and movies?

-What are the 10 most important things to you?

-How are you involved in your school?

-Where do you see your life in a few years?

-Do you have your dream prom dress chosen? If so, what does it look like?

-Who’s your favorite character from any novel and why?

-Who’s your favorite actor and/or actress and why?

-How much longer do you see yourself on WordPress?


Sun-Kissed Kisses,


Surf & Sand;

Please comment if you’d like to be a contestant in my contest! I need 3 more people!!!


Gold Forever

Hey Beach-Wanders,

I’m doing a summer contest.


The WANTED’s Gold Forever…!


First, I need to find some judges.

I want to have at least 3 judges including me. Please comment below if your interested!


Second, please comment below if you’d like to be a contestant. The offical contest will start when 5 people or more join!


Third, here are the contest’s first task!

Task 1-

Listen to the song, Gold Forever By: The WANTED. This song will be utilized throughout this contest!

Write a post (diary-entry, story-type). Title it with either Gold Forever or use a quote from the section of the song provided below;

We’re standing in a light that won’t fade,
Tomorrow’s coming but this won’t change,
Cause some days stay gold forever.
The memory of being here with you,
Is one I’m gonna take my life through,
Cause some days stay gold forever.

Utitlize this portion of the song as inspiration. Make a story or a plot twist pertaining to this section of the song.

Next, make a polyvore set, corresponding to your post. Use one gold or more pieces with your outfit.

Please email me when your post has been made. Email the link to the polyvore set or your submittion will not be counted.


Eliminations will happen once all entries are in and the judges and I have decided who won’t move on.

Tasks and due dates will either be posted in a post like this or on the page. Sometimes, both!




-An interview with a page deciated to them.

-A custom made header and bg.

-Shout-outs for 3 1/2 months!

-A page co-authored with me about being GOLD FOREVER!


-A custom header and bg.

-An interview.

-Shout-outs for 1 1/2 months.



Sun-Kissed Kisses,


P.S. Start Working! Comment! And, good luck(:


Hey Beach-Wanders,

I’m just updating you on a few things;

1.) I am offically claiming the one and only Coco Ho, Audrey Case, and Tiffany Maher. Pics below!

Coco Ho-

Audrey Case-

Tiffany Maher-


Now, I know that you think that Tiffany and Audrey look nothing like Coco. I plan on using Coco on certain things and eventually fully.

2.) I’ve made a Kristen blog and am in the LPC so check it out!

3.) New post coming soon!

4.) I’m going to hold my first ever summer contest except, I don’t know what I should have for prizes! Leave a comment to help maybe?


Sun-Kissed Kisses,


Peeling Of A Sunburn…

Hey Beach-Wanders,

Currently, I’m listening to Here Comes The Sun by: The Beatles while typing the finishing touches to this post. Talen is handwriting her English paper on the topic of Inspiration, while Carlie is petting Bean. Jackie just got back from running on a Mocha run for the Laguna Beach Babes. Lauren is painting her nails a teal color with a silver accent nail. And, Stella has busied herself by texting someone. I’m wearing Stella McCartney high-waisted shorts in black with a crocheted Aztec print on half along with a teal crop top. Some things have happened & now its time for a major update…


March 31, 2013

My Room

Laguna Beach, California

3:30 pm

I finish typing the last word of my AP Literature essay on American Writers. As I get up to sit on my bed, my iPhone 5 starts to sing, With Ur Love by: Cher Lloyd, stating that Tegan is calling.

“Hey Sweetheart.” I say before he has a chance to say anything. “Hey Hon, What are you up to?” He questions me immediately. “Not much, finished the AP Lit Essay.” I responded. “Good. That means you’re free to hang out right?” “Yeah babe.” “Let’s have a relaxing day at the pool.” “Great, give me 25 minutes before you head over here to get me.” I say before hanging up.

I rush over to my closet to find my favorite bathing suit. I apply some waterproof makeup before grabbing a pair of sandals. I pull on my shorts as Tegan pulls into the driveway.



I got out of the hunter green Jeep with Tegan by my side. I laughed at something he said while we walked in the pool area. There was splashing water, wet spots everywhere, swim toys skewing towels. I smiled at the comforting thought of the Indoor Pool in Westchester, NY.

We frolicked in the pool for hours. Afterwards, we got out and dried off. He took me home right after because it was still getting late. But, even though it was break and we didn’t have a curfew, he didn’t want to astir any problems with my parents.



April 1, 2013

My Room

I woke up to Locked Out Of Heaven by: Bruno Mars singing from my iPhone 5. I look at the time on my phone and it reads 12:20 pm. I roll over and try to go back so sleep but, I keep getting phone calls. I groan in agony because its Spring Break and I actually wanted to get some sleep.

Carlie: Meet @ *$’s. 1:45.

 I get in the shower and get ready to go meet Carlie at Starbucks.



I walk into the Starbucks on East Street. I order a Mocha Frap before spotting Carlie sitting alone furiously texting someone with her Carmel Macchito untouched. I cling to my cup wondering what could possibly be so serious that causes Carlie to want to meet with me alone.

“Hey Car.” I say before sitting in the adjacent seat to her. “Massie.” She says before scooting over. “We have to talk.” She said as soon as my butt came into contact with soft cushion of the booth. “About?” I prompted. “You and the LBB.” She says.

“Meaning?” “You’ve been hanging out with us for a while. You’ve had a status of being a new girl on the beach. Given how long you’ve been here. It’s about time that you have your initiation.” I look at her with a stone cold face. “As in hazing like sororities do?” I squeak out. “No, no. Just simple tasks that you have to complete.” “O-oh.” I stutter. “Yeah, here’s task.” She  says handing me a piece of paper.

PLAN A PARTY it read.  

“So, i have to plan a party?” I ask. “Yes, darling. A party. You can only ask for help from the LBB 3 times per girl.” Carlie says with a smile. “Remember simple and carefree. Please don’t do a beach bonfire, its overused.” She continued. I don’t answer. “Massie, you in there?” She asks waving her hand in front of my face. “Yeah, I’m here. Just planning.” I say with a smile.



April 2, 2013

Outside Deck and Pool

I quickly dial Kristen’s number. “Hi Mass. No talk for too long?” Kristen says with a lot of background noise. “You could say that.” “Yep, so what do you need?” “Help. The LBB has this initiation task thing for me to become a LBB and I have to plan a party. Something carefree not elegant. “ I say quickly. “Easy. Just do an Indie Beach theme. Simplistic and easy enough.” “Okay, thank you.” I say “No problem.” Emg. This party is so fun! I hear Alicia scream before Kristen hangs up.


My Office

I sit at my desk chair staring intently at the progress I have made. I set a date, time; reserved the East half of the beach, reserved 12 boats, 12 jet ski’s. I hired the hottest DJ in all of Laguna Beach. Needless to say, I accomplished a lot.

Talen. popped across my screen. I quickly answered and put her on speaker. “Hi.” “Hey.” I said nibbling on my bottom lip, nervously pacing. “How’s planning coming?” She asked curiously. “Great.” I quipped. “Good. Want to run any of the ideas by me?” “Is that allowed?” “Yeah…” “Where shall we meet?” “How about Corner 24 Surf Shop since I’m at work? “Cool.” “See ya.” She said before hanging up.


Corner 24 Surf Shop

I pulled up to the surf shop in my pink Jeep spotting Talen’s Grey Mustang about 2 cars down. I got out and headed toward her car grasping my pink Roxy tote and iPhone5. In the tote, my plans for the party were written in light blue ink. “Hi babe.” Talen said greeting me right as I walked across the street. We walked toward a bench to sit down at to begin discussing.

“Great ideas.” Talen responded after I explained everything. “Thank you.” I said with a smile. “No problem.”



April 3, 2013

Indoor Deck & Pool

I busy myself with detailed plans for the party. I call Lauren for help on a title of the party. “Hey Laur.” I say finishing typing the last bullet. “Aloha Massie.” Lauren says giggling. “I need some help.” “With?” She prompted in all seriousness. “Theme for the party name.” I say. I continue explaining the theme to her. “Dreamers at the beach?” She says more of a question. “Perfect!” I exclaim. “Bye Laur.” I say while hanging up.


Caroline’s Invites & All Things Decor

“Hello. Welcome to Caroline’s Invites and All Things Decor. How may I help you?” Kellen, a sales clerk says. “Yes, is Caroline in?” I ask promptly asking for the owner. “Yes. I’ll phone her for you.”

“So, what do you need today?” Caroline asks as she comes from her office. “Some invites and decor for a Dreamcatchers or Indie theme Beach Party.” I state. “Well, you came to the right place.”

She gives loads of advice and decor options. I pick what I like and she promises it’ll be ready for the party on Friday. I grin in delight and will post you the invites that I get to hand out with the help of Tegan and Tegan’s friends.







 Tegan’s House

“Here are your invites.” I say handing him about 300 invites. “Pass them among your friends and give them a good amount to pass around. Put them in people’s lockers or car dashes.” I tell him. “I understand Massie. I’ll do it right.” He says smiling right before kissing me. “Get a room!” I hear Lauren yell from the car. I stick my tongue out and return his kiss.



April 5, 2o13

Eastern Half Laguna Cove

“Hustle!” Caroline shouts across the beach by the water to the men carrying the decor. Tegan and some of his friends are gathered around me to see my vision of the party. “It’s going to great.” Tegan reassures me another time. “Thanks for being here.” I say smiling. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” He mumbles.

It was a beautiful day out for a party. There were surf boards to use, in case you left your own, resting against the rocks by the water. There were tables of assorted beach snacks from chips to soda to water. The tables were decored with dreamcatchers and seashells. There were stacks of towels for anyone who may need one. The DJ was stationed in the center with a dance area. Further down were two places each to play flag football, soccer, and volleyball courts. There were jetskis and boats at the deck by the surfboards. There were paint and silly string stations. With the paint, there were games designed for it. Some bathing suits were free if you sanded or painted your other one and some beach balls were wandering. There were tiki torches stationed around along with little fires. Logs were placed about along with lawn chairs. Dreamcatchers were all around.


The beach filled in quickly and people seemed to be having fun. At night, fireworks were put off. Everyone stopped and watched and were in awe. During the last round, each person was given a sparkler and photos were snapped. I hoped this party made history…


Carlie’s Room

All the Laguna Beach Babes and I were gathered around Carlie’s room after the party. A bowl was passed around where each girl put their answer to yes or no.

“Massie, you did an amazing  job in planning your party and certainly making it a night to remember. Were you successful in making us content?” Carlie said ending with a question. Talen and Carlie counted the votes. “You had 0 no’s and all yes’s!” Talen shouted. “But, there’s still one vote left. Mine.” Carlie said. “I vote….


“Thank-you so much.” I said. “You’re peeling off the status of a New Girl On The Beach. That’s the past. This is the future.” Stella said with a smile.

Yes, I finally can move on, I thought.The Laguna Beach Babes had a smile that glowed toward me.


Sun Kissed Kisses,



Surf & Sand-

1.) I hope you like this long a waiting post. Finally, I’m not a NGOTB.

2.) I’m looking for a Carlie, Talen, Lauren, and a Jackie (or my Jackie to be more active)!

3.) Can’t wait for more comments!

I Belong In My Safe Haven…

Recently, I’ve been thinking. As in me, Massie Elizabeth Block, has been thinking. I’ve been thinking about where I belong…

I lived in Westchester, New York for most of my life. I didn’t know the world outside of New York, Milan, United Kingdom, and Croatia. I knew the East Coast like the back of my hand. I grew up among my best friends. I never spoke to anyone else and I pushed myself in establishing me, as immediate alpha of the Pretty Committee. I never noticed the toll it took on my friends and I. How much we fought over the stupidest things. Things that are irrelevant, you know? Lame power-hungry things. I craved power. You know how you have a hunger for certain foods? Well, I guess power was mine. Fashion was Alicia’s. Dylan’s was being skinny. Kristen’s was excelling at everything but, power since that was mine. Claire’s was fitting in. Layne’s was annoying everybody. And, Chelsea’s was out-growing her mother and Serena’s shadow. I guess now that I have put my life in Westchester behind me, I’ve noticed what I did wrong in my friendships with the PC. On the outside, we looked perfect. But, what people didn’t know was that on the inside, we each were battling a certain hunger that overlapped another’s hunger. My power overlapped Alicia’s fashion. Each of us wanted to be accepted socially, physically, and mentally. As I look back on my life in Westchester, I wouldn’t change anything because it brought me to where I am today. I’ve been searching my whole life for the one place I belong.


When I first moved to Laguna Beach, California; I was scared beyond reasonable doubt. I continuously thought about how I worked my whole life to get to be alpha of Westchester. I knew moving would cause extreme lost and fear of losing what was once my life. I didn’t know what to expect. I never persuded the West Coast. I know I talk about each Coast as two completely different countries. I only do that to separate the different places.

In Laguna, most of the people have lived here their whole life. But they seem to understand, how I lost my life in Westchester once we left. As soon as I set foot on that plane, you mind as well say that all my friends said good-bye to me. It was like I was no longer relevant in their lives. I mean I hear from them time and time again but, it’s never the same. They completely transformed into people I don’t even recognize.


The move has put an emotional toll on me. But, now I sit here typing this post realizing that California is my safe haven. You hear people talk about Safe Haven’s all the time. I just never knew what they meant by them. A Safe Haven can be defined as a place where one can go or be at to protect them from the cruel outside world. My Safe Haven would have to be Laguna Beach. People here have welcomed me with open arms. No one in Westchester, would have done that for me.


As I move on from Westchester life, silence, life, and lost consume me. I’ve lost all faith in rekindling any friendships because I never realized how terrible they were. The Babes, are there for me 24/7. Tegan is there for me 24/7. No one has ever heard my silence quite this loud.


Moving to Laguna Beach, has given me strength and vulnerability that I would have never of developed. I’ve learned to be kinder to people. That power isn’t everything. That it isn’t hard to find people who care about me. That people you can rely on are everywhere. That family is important. That trials and tribulations happen for a reason. That one end is another beginning.



There’s only a few people in Laguna that I have met. But those few people have given me a sense of security. Its caused me to find love and friendship. I have relied heavily on myself then, others in previous times. But now I look to others for advice. For guidance.

In the process, I’ve found love. There’s only one thing that I want to do. I want to love Tegan as much as he loves me. I want to be there for him like he is there for me. I want to support him. I want to hold onto him and never let him go. I guess, that’s why I’m going to become a Roxy Girl. It’s all because of him and his support. Without him, I’d be lost in Laguna. He’s helped me get over Landon. He made me realize that there’s no sense in dwelling on the past. Or waiting in Landon. He’s made me figure out where I want to be… That one place is with Tegan and the Babes in Laguna Beach, California; My Safe Haven.


I’ve found a place of where I belong…. And, with that its time to forget the past…



Surf & Sand;

1) I hope you like this post! Its something different. Let me know if you want more.

2) If you guys like this post, I will consider doing an ’emotional’ post once a month!

3) Updated my blog for Spring! Like the new Header and bg?

4) Going to update and possibly add more pages soon!

5) I’m still looking for a Carlie so please apply!


He Could Be The One

Hey Beach-Wanders,

Currently, I’m combing my wavy locks back into a high pony. My outfit consists of studded light-wash high-waisted shorts by Fox Riders with a white all lace deep-v back tank top by Roxy. My nails are painted  Black Rouge by: OPI. I type this post from my window seat overlooking the beach. This post is about my first week in Laguna Beach!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

A Kiss for You(:


February 9, 2013

My Room

Laguna Beach, California

11:00 am

I rolled over looking through my window. I can’t get used to the Californian Sunshine streaming through my shades. I wake up and grab my iPhone 5. I clicked on the Messages tab and skim my messages.

Tegan – Hey babe. Can’t stop thinking about you… Will you be at Alec’s Bonfire tonight?

xxx Tegan

Talen- Time to PAR-TAYYY Again! Be ready by 1:30 & meet us @ the beach. We’re shoppin’! Then, Alec’s Bonfire!!! (:


Chelsea- Cannot believe its been a week since you left…! Hope CA is treatn’ you well… Kissessss from Westchester!

I respond quickly to the messages. I look at the clock and decide to hop into the shower.

Once I’m out, I go downstairs in my robe looking for Inez or Cassie, our new housekeeper. I see fruit left in a bowl and take strawberries up to my room. I eat them and comb through my closet looking for just the right outfit for shopping. A cross between comfort and beach-y casual fashion.

I settle on this;

Momma!” I yell. “Yes, Massie…” She answers. “Can you drive me to the West End of the Beach?” “Take the Range Rover.” “Remember, I don’t have it anymore? We didn’t take it with us on the move. It’s Chelsea’s now…” I say drifting into silence, missing my old car. “Well, go outside.” “Huh?” I ask. “Go.” I walk outside and there is the Black Range Rover, the family’s one… And, a Pink Jeep.

“Oh My God! No way!” I yell walking toward the car. “Its yours.” “Really?” I say ushering toward the car without the keys. “Here darling.” She passes me the keys and my purse. I adjust everything, check my makeup, check for my phone and back out.

“Lauren.” I say waiting for my phone to call her. “Oh my god Laur.” I say before saying hello. “What’s up babe?” “I got a Jeep!” I yell. “Real Talk?” “Yes Senorita! I’m coming to get you, Talen, Stella, Carlie, & Jackie. Let them know?” “Gotcha!”

Well, what can I say, the beach stop was cancelled…!

2:oo pm

Orange County Mall

Talen directs me into the parking lot. “We’ll go Charlotte Russe, Bath & Body Works, JCP, Macy’s, The Limited, Nordstrom Rack, Sear’s, and Victoria Secret. Then, LF Store, Thalia Street Surf Shop.” Carlie said. “Lastly, American Eagle, Hollister, Pac Sun, and Tilly’s.”

We went to all the stores and ended up with tons of bags.


I walk into Talen’s bedroom after shopping at the mall and the girls start slouching into different chairs. I spot one and sit there.

“We gotta get ready for the Bonfire!” Carlie said excited to party. “One moment…” Lauren mumbles, exhaustion evident on her face due to her hard-core shopping. “Well, we all need showers and Massie has to be done and coached by us so, we need to get to it.” Carlie says. “I’ll get into the shower. That okay, Talen?” Jackie says. “Yep!” Talen responds.

Stella and Lauren open up my shopping bags and tell me what to wear. I wear this;

I have my bathing suit underneath it and sit at one of Talen’s spinning chairs at her vanity. I wait for the girls to finish getting dressed while flipping through the current Seventeen.

“We’re back…!” Stella says. I giggle. “I can tell doll.” I respond. “How shall we do your gorg hair?” Talen questions to the girls. They pull my hair into a perfect messy bun.

“Ready babes?” I ask after surveying my outfit. “Si.” Stella says. I smile looking at each girl. We climb into my car. I’m driving; Lauren in the passenger seat; Carlie, Talen, Jackie, and Stella in the back seat. I follow the directions provided by Tegan and head over to Alec’s private beach.


 Everything was a blur. I danced, sat by the fire, and played in the water. The one person who never left my side was Tegan. He was with me every step of the way. I was beginning to develop feelings as large as they were with Landon. I loved it.


“Bye Massie. Call me tomorrow. Wanna hang?” Tegan asked as I walked to the Pink Jeep. “Sure.” I said. “Surf Up?” “Never surfed before.” “That’ll have to change…!” He said excited. “Alright. I’ll call. Bye!” I said. “Bye.” He said before kissing me. Sure enough, Lauren snapped a photo.


February 10, 2013

My Room

 1:30 pm 

As soon as I woke up, I dialed Tegan’s number.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

“Massie?” Tegan answered. “Hey, Tegan.” I said. “For a while there I thought you forgot about our plans.” He responded. “Sorry. Just was exhausted from partying…” “I know, me too.” “Well, we still up for you to teach me how to surf?” I ask. “Yes. Get ready. I’ll be by to get you babe. Can’t wait to spend time with you.” “Me too. Bye.” “Bye…”

I hang up my house phone and run toward my closet. What am I going to wear? I question…

Laguna Hills Beach

East Side

2:24 pm

He taught me how to surf. It turns out I was a natural. He snapped a few photos from shore:

“You should try out to be a Roxy girl.” He says climbing into his Jeep with me already sitting in the car. “What? Why?” I ask. “You’re an amazing surfer, stunningly beautiful, and you got the body to be modeling year round.” “I’m not nearly good enough.” “With some more surf trainings and a camp, you’ll be amazing. You look like you’ve been surfing all your life.” “Do the Babes do it?” “I don’t know but, if they do, it’ll be highly competitive.” “Then, I won’t do it. Not ruining a friendship.” “At least think about it…”  I shake my head. “For me?” “Alright.” I said smiling.


February 11, 2013

My Room

6:34 am

“It feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters
And make fun of our exes, uh uh uh uh
It feels like a perfect night for breakfast at midnight
To fall in love with strangers uh uh uh uh..!” My iPhone 5 sang. I groaned looking at my clock before shutting off the alarm. It read 6:35. I unlocked my phone typing in the lock code. I clicked on messages. No messages.

I dial Talen’s number. “Who’s picking up who?” I ask before even saying hey. “I’ll be by to get you around 7:oo am.” “Alright.” I say before hanging up and groaning.

I wear this;

School went well…..



February 14, 2013

My Room

Valentine’s Day

 I woke up with my alarm singing,

“‘Cause nothing can ever,
Ever replace you.
Nothing can make me feel like you do, yeah.
You’d know there’s no one
I can relate to,
I know we won’t find a love that’s so true…” I shut off my alarm and climbed out of my bed. I looked at my calendar and smiled. Its Valentine’s Day! I unlocked my phone and had 5 messages;

Tegan- Soo close to midnight… ❤

Chelsea- Happy I – Heart – You Day!

Talen- Happy V-day Love!

Tegan- Happy Valentine’s Day Babe! I adore you and love spending time with you. You’re truly amazing Massie. xxx

Stella- Happy Valentine’s Day, girlie! Have fun with whatever plans you and Tegan have made for later xxx, Stella

I respond to my messages. I run to my closet searching for the right Valentine’s Day outfit.

I pick up the other girls and we pull into the student lot. “Where’s Tegan?” Stella asks before I have the chance to. He isn’t standing where he normally is. “Let’s check inside.” Carlie says reaching for my hand. “Will y’all stay here?” I ask pointingly asking the others’ to wait for him. “Yeah babe!” Stella says.

After we search the entire school, we head back to the student lot. Tears were in my eyes when I saw Tegan on the front of my car with a guitar with classmates swarmed around him. He started to strum and sing “Let Me Love You” By: Ne-Yo and “A Thousand Years” By: Christina Perri. “I seriously think I’m falling for you, Massie.” He whispered, giving me a hug. Tears fell from my eyes. He wiped them away immediately. “I think I’m falling for you too.” I whispered. He took that as the hint to kiss me. Afterwards, he presented me with a single red rose, a heart-shaped box of chocolates, and a Tiffany necklace.

Isn’t it beautiful?

We made it through the day of school and he then said that he’d be by to pick me up at 8 for our date.


I heard a honk coming from a car as I was about to pull my hair up into a pony with a bump. “One moment.” I yelled from the downstairs bathroom. I hurried up and opened the door. Tegan was standing there smiling. “Hold on, give me a sec. Come in if you want.” I said running to grab a blazer. Before I could run off, Tegan reached for my arm and kissed me once I was facing him. I smiled feeling the heat of his lips before ushering upstairs for the blazer.


“Tegan, this is amazing!” I said as we were coming up to our perspective destination. In front of me, I saw a table set for two on the beach with cushion – like seats. There was seashells and rose petals in the sand and on the table. A rose in red sat in a vase. A server from Lobster, a fancy seafood place, had our food set out for either one of us.

Tegan and I spent the rest of the night laughing, talking, and most of all kissing. Each kiss meant something. I felt sparks, fireworks, and bombs all in one. My sense aligned. He could be the one….

Once he dropped me off, he left me with a hand written note. I will show the best of it I can in a photo below.


After reading the note, I realize that I am falling for him. Harder than Derrick. Harder than Landon. I think I love Tegan…


 Surf & Sand;

1.) How is my Valentine’s post?

2.) I am still in search for a Talen, Lauren, and Carlie! Please apply!


Life In The Fast Lane…

Hey Glamourous Dolls!

Currently, I’m sitting on my couch with my nails painted in a plum color by OPI. My hair curled. I’m wear a cable-knit sweater in pink with black jeans. I have on a white tee with a white distressed purse. I’m watching Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. We are having a snowy day in. Upset over the news Ive recieved… In my post, there are good and bad parts… So, here we go…


January 21, 2013

Block’s Estate

My Room

“Darling… Come down right now!” My mother demanded. I rushed down the stairs wondering what my mother could want. “Here.” I said walking into the kitchen. “Sit down.” My mom stated. “What is it mom? Your scaring me.” I said. “Well, your father has some great news.” And, with that he descended from the front door slamming his briefcase down. “Hi Daddy.” I said rushing into William’s arms. Ever since Landon & I have broken up, I’ve been spending time either with the PC or my family. I just haven’t felt the need to see Landon all over his current girl (a Freshyyy…) named Stacie.


But anyways, back to my story…

“What’s going on Daddy?” I asked curiousity getting the best of me. “Well, my company is re-locating.” He said letting that settle in. “You’ll have a long commute?” I questioned. “No darling. We are all relocating.” “Where?” “California.” “HALFWAY ACROSS THE COUNTRY!?” I yelled. “Yes darling.” My mother butted in. “What about my life here? What am I supposed to do?” “Start packing.” From that moment on I knew there was nothing I could do to possibly change their mind.


January 22, 2013


“Leesh! Get off the table! My mom will kill me if she sees that!” I said groaning from laughing to much. Leesh jumped off the table. “Okay, settle down. I got some terrible news to tell you.” I mumbled to the PC. “What’s wrong?” Dylan asked with Luna bar stuffed in her mouth. “I’m moving…..!” I yelled. “What?” The girls chorused. “Yep, I found out yesturday.” “Where to?” “California!” “EhMaGawd! What about the PC?” “I have no idea but, I’m sure you guys will be fine without me.” I didn’t know what would happen at that moment…


January 23, 2013


“Bye.” I said to each individual girl with tears threatening to fall. “Keep in touch!” The girls chorused giving a final group hug. I step on the plane and said one last goodbye to Westchester. And, hello to Laguna Beach California.


January 24, 2013

Laguna Beach, Ca.

New Home / First day!

“Mom, this city is beautiful.” I gushed while driving down the street with my Range Rover pulling up to the house.

It was beyond large enough to house me, my family, and the Pretty Committee. Imagine next summer…

I put the car into park and surveyed my attempt to be a California girl-style. The PC helped me pick it out. I was wearing this;

I helped set up the house for a few hours until telling my mom that I was going to go the beach. At first, it was just going to be me, my bikini, and a good book but, it turned out to be more…


“I’m Carlie.” A girl said to me. “Massie.” I said smiling. “Well, new?” “Yeah, just moved here.” “Cool. I’m going to introduce you to a few girls.” “Alright.” I said following her through the sand and trees toward a group of alpha-worthy girls.

“This is Talen, Jackie, Lauren, and Stella.” Carlie said motioning to each girl. “I’m Massie.” I said smiling once again.






“Later, We’re going to go to a club. Care to join?” “Sure.” I got Talen’s number who would pick me up later. “Attire is casual beach, babe.” Stella said before walking away. I nodded and headed to my house.

I settled on this;


Before I knew it, Talen was outside with the girls, honking on her horn. There looked to be no where enough seats. Talen was driving. Carlie was in the passengers’ seat. Stella and Jackie were sitting in the back seats with Lauren sitting on the car by the seats at the top. “Hey.” I said coming out of my house carrying flip flops. “Looking babeoilious.” Stella said. “Thanks.” I waited for Talen to get out of her 2013 Jeep Cherokee. I climbed to sit next to Lauren when Stella said, take my seat. I took her’s and sat satisified.

Talen and Carlie

When we got there, I was introduced to a bunch of people. I took it as these girls were the most popular girls in school. I smiled knowing that I was already California Alpha-Worthy.

“Tegan, Massie.” “Massie, Tegan.” Talen introduced us. I smiled being polite.


We talked and flirted by the end of the night, I had his number and we had kissed.

Welcome to Laguna Beach.

I guess life in California is life in the fast lane…


Sun Kissed Kisses,



Sand & Sun;

1.) I am obviously going through a current change. I have decided to not do the norm. I am still going to be Massie Block but, California Massie Block. I want to do something different.

2.) I will be running applications for Carlie, Talen, Jackie, Stella, and Lauren. I will be leaving you a choice of FC, the girl’s life, and personality. The only thing you cannot change is hair color. If they are a brunette, they stay as a brunette.

3.) Hope you enjoy the new direction. I will be adjusting the pages and posting more since, I have more ideas with this plot.




A Third Chance? Not Happening..

A lot Has Happened……


November 20, 2012

Slice Of Heaven Pizza


“EhMaGawd, Mass. Look at this photo!” Leesh yelled across the table before I got up to get my refill of water & cucumber. “What?” I asked putting my cup down and walking to her side. Chelsea, Dylan, and Kristen gathered around Leesh’s iPhone5 and saw this photo with a caption:


“Looks like Mass’s beau, Landon is a – cheater!

xoxo, Liv”

Tears willed themselves to fall. “I’m sure it’s just a lie.” Dylan said trying oh-so-desperately to comfort me. “Leave me ah-lone.” I said before storming into the bathroom completely forgetting about my cucumber water. I cried for what seemed hours but, was merely minutes. I groaned in anguish wondering how I could have ever trusted him ah-gain.

“Let’s go, Mass.” Leesh said coming into the bathroom. “Retail Therapy?” Kristen suggested. “No. Just home.” I said. I dialed Issac. “Please, Come pick us up.” I whispered. “On the way.” Issac said without any questions.


November 27, 2012

Pinkberry Fro-yo!


“What are you doing?” I said to Dylan, who was still standing at the register even though I paid and already had the frozen yogurt. She nodded her head in the direction of the quite attractive cashier. I took that as my hint to disperse. I wanted to stay and see how it went but, the rest of the PC was waiting for me. I placed the fro-yo cups in front of the perspective girls. “Ummmmmmmmmm.” Leesh started. “What gossip do you have now?” I said before taking a second bite of my Strawberry Delight.”C’mere.” She said quietly. I got up and sat on the chair to her left. She motioned to her phone and I looked down and saw a photo:

“Looks like Landon has gone farther. 2 different girls? What will Massie think about this…???

xo, Liv<33″

I get up from where I was sitting and walk to my seat. Who is this Liv? How is she getting all of this information on Landon? I think to myself…

Dylan comes over to the table after a while. She begins to rave about the register guy named, Andre. She says something about how gorg he is and the PC throws their heads back in laughter. Eventually, she notices how I am not involved in the conversation. “What happened…?” She questioned. “I’m not going to answer.” I say before grabbing my LV bag and walking outside. Kristen comes to join me. She tries to hold conversation with me but, we don’t go very far with my muttering one word answers.


December 4, 2012

Westchester Mall Center


The mall is bustling with people. Lines outside the doors of stores. We walk to Savvv’s Sushi Grill. “Reservation under Block.” I say to a lady holding menus. “Party of 5?” “Yes.” “Right this way.”

“Yum! This is amazing sushi, Mass.” Dylan says before burping. “Thanks so much for paying.” Kristen says. “No problem.” I say.

“WE ARE NEVER EVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETH-” Leesh’s phone sounds. She looks down and stares at me. “What?” I whisper-yell. “It’s a te-text.” Her voice quivers. The dreaded words were spoken…. I’m in turmoil.

New Girl for Landon? Has he seriously moved on without breaking up with Massie? Who knows but, Landon does…

xoxo, Liv”


December 11, 2012

Blocks’ Estate


“Almost Christmas!” Kristen yelled excitedly from the kitchen. “I know right.” I said smiling. We were all make stuffed red peppers since Inez had the night off to spend time with her family. “I love the winter snow.” Leesh said loudly over the oven timer. “Ding. Dong. Ding. Dong.” The door bell sounded. “I’ll get it.” I said meanwhile Dyl was stuffing her face with some Godiva Chocolates.

“Hi Massie.” Olivia Ryan said from the outside. “What do you want?” I asked before opening the door. “I come armed with information.” She said. “What type of information?” I asked. “Landon information….” She said before trailing into silence. “Come in.” I said ushering her in. I know what your thinking. Why am I trusting Olivia. She’s the one titled Liv above. She was able to get close enough to Landon. I want more information before I dump him.

“I come armed with a video…” Olivia said sitting down at the kitchen table making herself at home. She presses play.

After what seems hours but, is merely moments I tell her to cut it off. She turns it off and then this photo appears;

I know I have to break up with Landon… Now! “Thanks Liv. You can see yourself out.” I say before running up the stairs heading to the iPad.


December 18, 2012

Parking Lot of Bark Jacobs


 “Hello, Sasha.” I said to the newest saleswoman as I walked in. I locked eyes with Landon right away. My heels click-clacked upon the linoleum as I closed the space between Landon and I. “We need to talk.” I said to him before he could even try to talk to me. After it took a moment for it to register into his brain, he said, “Alright.” “It seems as though your busy right now but, meet me outside in say; a minute.” I stated.

I stood next to my Range Rover shielding my eyes from the bright sunlight. “What’s up babe?” He asked. “First of all, don’t call me babe.” I started. He looked at me with a confused expression on his face. “Second of all, I know you are cheating on me. And third, I’m breaking us up. We’re over.” I said. “Wait… No… Massie, don’t.” He looked at me with desperation his eyes. “Why should I stay with you? You do the same thing over and over again. You promise me that I can trust you. You spur out lies. And, frankly, I’m quite tired of it.” I say. “I’m so sorry.” He said with pleading evident in his voice. “No, you’re not. You will do the same thing again. I know I trusted you once but, I can’t do it again. I’m tired of the hurt left behind after you walk over me. So, I’m ending it.” “Give – Give me another chance.” “I gave you a second chance. I believe in second chances, but I don’t believe in third or fourth chances. We’re done. I knew you were trouble. And shame on me for believing you could ever change.” I said. I climbed into my car. “Bye Landon.” I said shutting my door and driving off leaving him in the middle of the parking lot.


xoxo One and Only,




1.) 2013 means a new faceclaim. I’m currently thinking about Olivia Thirlby(plays Leah in Juno) and Jennifer Lawrence. She’s very original and I hope to keep it that way. Please DO NOT Use them. I haven’t seen anyone on WordPress using them so, please don’t.

2.) Thank you for the follows, comments, and views! I hope to rise them this year! I vow right now, to post more(:

Living Dead!

Currently, I am typing up this post, extremely sorry about how late it is, & listening to Red By: Taylor Swift. My nails are painted Luxe ‘n’ Lush By: China Glaze. I am wearing my pink Alice & Olivia jeans, with my sheer black floral Chanel top, with a black leather jacket by DKNY, and my Chanel handbag concluding with my black combat boots by: Jimmy Choo.


Block’s Estate

October 31st

Massie’s Bedroom


“Everything out there, Inez?” I questioned from my balcony. From below me, Inez and Landon Dorsey conducted the organization of the decor in the Barn. “Why, yes.” Inez said. “Perfect.” I said smiling and satisfied. I turned on my heel and dialed Issac’s number. “Hello?” He asked. “Pick up the girls.” I said before hanging up. I sat at my desk and finished up some homework.


“Massie!” Alicia said smiling. “Leesh!” I said hugging her. The girls gathered around me while I told them the theme. “The theme is….” I said clapping. “LIVING DEAD!” “Ah-mazing!” Kristen said giggling. The PC and I awl dressed as varying animals. We added blood to make them dead. Alicia was a Chettah. I was a Zebra. Kristen was a Black Cat. Dylan was a Mouse. Chelsea was a Bunny.  

The party went amazing. We danced the night away. We mingled. Hung with guys. Partied the night away….

Xoxo One and Only,



1) I made an Alicia blog.

2)   I updated my BLOG! My new FC is Carly Rae Jepsen!

3) OutOnALeesh’s Cawntest has started! Good luck contestants!